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Q&A applications Honours track Humanities Lab

Monday 5 February 2024
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

The Honours College Humanities Lab is the 30 EC extracurricular Honours track at the Faculty of Humanities for BA 1st year students who are looking for an extra challenge and more academic inspiration. Would you be interested in joining, but do you still need some more information? Join student ambassadors Eva, Nina and Sashka for this Q&A and they'll answer any questions you may have!

Date: Monday 5 February
Time: 18:00h
Location: Lipsius 1.54 (Leiden)

Unable to join this Q&A?

You may be able to attend one of the other sessions:

  • Date: Thursday 8 February
    Time: 18:00h
    Location: Wijnhaven 2.60 (The Hague) 

  • Date: Monday 12 February
    Time: 18:00h
    Location: Online via MS Teams | link to the meeting

What is the Humanities Lab?

Humanities are the wide range of disciplines that study human cultures, including their languages and histories, their religions, stories and myths, their shared beliefs and values, their poetry, novels, music and paintings. Humanities Lab challenges you to cross disciplinary borders when working on topical issues such as (post)colonialism, identity, big data and cultural memory. These issues are too complex to be handled by any one discipline, either from the natural or social sciences, from law, medicine or the humanities. In the Humanities Lab you learn how to switch conceptual and methodological tools while focusing on different aspects of the problems at hand. You work together in small groups to improve our understanding of the many different connections involved, pushing toward possible solutions.

You can apply for the Humanities Lab until 1 March 2024, 23:59h.

More information

More information and FAQ can be found on the Humanities Lab website or check out the e-prospectus. If you still have other questions, or would like personal contact, please reach out to the student ambassadors, or the honours coordinators .

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