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Lecture + film screening

Film night: 'Une femme est une femme' (1961) with passion talk by Sylvie de Leeuwe

  • Sylvie de Leeuwe
Monday 27 May 2024
University Library
Witte Singel 27
2311 BG Leiden
Vos Cinema UB

Tensions between lovers, difficult-to-discuss desires regarding parenthood, and secret infatuation among friends. Jean-Luc Godard portrays the main characters in his early film "Une femme est une femme" grappling with various wishes and conflicts. Nevertheless, the film is extremely colorful and even playful; characteristic of Godard's early work.

Sylvie de Leeuwe discusses in her passion talk the role of women in "Une femme est une femme" and in film today. What is it like to be a 'gaslighting gatekeeping girlboss'?

Everyone is welcome! Let us know if you'll be there by registering via the button below.

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