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Honours education

Honours education invites you to broaden your horizon, both academically and personally.

Are you an inquisitive and motivated student? Do you want to get more out of your studies? Honours education provides an extra challenge alongside your regular study programme.

A few of the advantages of being an honours student:

  • Interdisciplinary: You meet and collaborate with students from different disciplines.
  • Impact-oriented: You tackle societal issues so that you can really make a change.
  • Innovative: You learn to think outside-of-the-box and experience new teaching methods.
  • Small-scale: You work together intensively with motivated lecturers and fellow students.

Honours education is always an addition to your regular study programme. Upon successful completion of your honours education, you receive a certificate, and your completed courses are added to your diploma supplement. This shows future employers that you have invested in broadening your horizons during your studies.

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