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Leiden University encourages students to play an active role in student associations and organisations. To support student organisations in their goals and activities, the university offers a number of services and facilities.

Facilities at Plexus Student Centre

At Plexus Student Centre, student organisations can make use of the following facilities:

  • Computers
  • Own telephone number
  • Print & copy facilities
  • Guest account and post box
  • Meeting rooms
  • Storage space for paperwork 
  • Plexus buddy

Requesting Plexus facilities

To make use of Plexus facilities, your organisation must meet certain criteria. It must, for example, be open to all students, non-commercial, and registered with the chamber of commerce. See the Placement and accommodation conditions.

For further information and to request facilities for your organisation, contact the Plexus student organisation contact person (see contact details on this page). Be aware that there is generally a waiting list for places.

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