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Nursing mothers' rooms Pieter de la Court Building

Visiting Address
Pieter de la Court Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
Room number
1.C03 and 2.C03 (opposite the glass elevators)
+31 71 527 8989

Opening Hours

07:30  - 22:00 hour
07:30  - 22:00 hour
07:30  - 22:00 hour
07:30  - 22:00 hour
07:30  - 21:00 hour
  • A kitchen unit with hot and cold water.
  • Cleaning supplies: waste bin, paper towels, and hand soap.
  • Mini refrigerator (in kitchen cupboard).
  • A comfortable chair with a fixed screen for more privacy.
  • An extra electric socket beside the chair.
  • Manually adjusted blinds (care has been taken to exclude visibility).
  • Whiteboard with pens.
  • Extension cable (in kitchen cupboard).
  • You ‘check in’ at the Servicedesk and are given the key.
  • You ‘check out’ at the Servicedesk and return the key.
  • If you have any questions or comments, please report them to the Servicedesk.
  • If the Servicedesk is closed, you can collect and/or return the key at the reception.

Please make sure to make sure the room is clean and tidy when you leave, all ready for the next mother to use.

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