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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a Statement of registration (enrolment)?

As soon as your student registration has been finalised, you will receive a confirmation from us by e-mail. You can then download your Statement of registration via uSis by following the steps below:
  1. Log into uSis using your student number. 
  2. Click on the 'Communication' tile.
  3. If you do not see the message you are looking for, click on the little x in top-right corner of your screen.
  4. Click on ‘Your registration is final’ to download your Statement of registration.
If you need a statement of registration with an official stamp, please contact the Student Affairs Front Office at (+31) 071 527 8011 or info@leidenuniv.nl, or visit our office in Leiden or The Hague. Do not forget to mention your student number and the institution that requires the document.

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How do I request proof of payment of tuition fees?

You can request proof of tuition fee payment from the Student affairs front office. Make sure to let us know your student number when making the request. You can ask us to send it directly to another Dutch university by email, collect it in person, or have it sent to your correspondence address.

Proof of payment for another Dutch university (bewijs betaald collegegeld - BBC) 
If you require proof of tuition fee payment to show to another Dutch university, let us know the name of the institution in question when making your request.

Proof of payment for other purposes
If you require proof of tuition fee payment for another purpose, for example to show to a scholarship provider, insurance company or tax authorities, you should not request a BBC. Instead, you should request a 'proof of student registration letter' that also indicates your tuition fee rate.


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How long does it take before a decision on my application is issued?

It generally takes about 4 to 6 weeks from the date on which you are informed that your application is complete until you receive a decision. If additional information is required during the application process it may take a little longer. Please make sure your application is complete and is submitted as early as possible.

Once a decision on your application has been made, you will receive a formal statement from the faculty by email.


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When and how must I submit digital or certified copies of my academic records to the university?

When applying 
When you apply for admission to a degree programme, you only need to upload digital copies of your academic records in the online application portal (uSis). Certified copies are not yet required.

Upon admission
Upon admission you will be notified of the following via uSis:  

  • When you must submit digital or certified copies
  • Which items are required
  • The method of submission you must use
Download and read your official decision statement. Note carefully which documents are required (e.g. diploma, transcript, translations, verification codes) and the submission deadline. Then complete both the following steps:
  1. Upload digital copies of all items/information stated in your conditions using the ‘Upload your documents’ button on the decision screen.
  2. Check if there are additional submission instructions for the document(s) stated in your conditions. If you must send certified copies by post, carefully check the criteria for the documents, who must issue them and how they must be sent.

If you are still unsure when and how to submit certified copies, send a mail to the bachelor admission team: bacheloradmission@sea.leidenuniv.nl, or master admission team: masteradmission@sea.leidenuniv.nl.

Also see the following FAQs

How can I pay tuition fees?

There are a number of ways to pay your tuition fees.The methods available to you are determined by your situation and your study programme.

  • Digital direct debit authorisation (via Studielink). This is only possible if you have a bank account in a SEPA country with a corresponding IBAN account number. You can choose instalments or a lump sum payment..
  • Transfer of tuition fees in one lump sum before the start of the academic year.
  • Payment in one lump sum by debit card (PIN/Maestro) or credit card (Visa/Maestro) at the Student Affairs Front Office before the start of the academic year. Please be aware that credit card payments incur a 5% administrative fee for each payment.
  • Non-EU nationals only: payment in instalments by bank transfer on the basis of a tuition fee invoice.
  • Submitting a ‘Proof of Tuition Fee Payment’ (or BBC in Dutch)

For further information and tuition fee instalment due dates, see the Methods of payment website.

Can I change the start date of my studies or defer my admission?

If you have applied but not yet been admitted
Yes, you can change your requested start date as follows:

  1. Cancel your application in Studielink
  2. Reapply for your preferred start date in Studielink.
  3. You will then be instructed to create and submit a new application in Leiden University’s online application portal (uSis). 
If you have already been admitted
If you wish to defer the start of your studies, you must submit a new application for your preferred start date. Be aware that admission requirements can change. If this occurs, you are unfortunately not guaranteed admission for your new start date. The re-application procedure is not the same as the initial application procedure. Please follow the instructions below: 
  1. Log into uSis, download your admission decision and save it on your computer.
  2. Cancel your current application for enrolment in Studielink.
  3. After the 1 October: Go to Studielink and apply for your new start date. 
  4. Log into uSis and follow the steps required to submit a new application. 
  5. When you get to the step ‘Admission’, click on Uploads > Other documents > Previous decision and upload your admission decision.
  6. Submit your application​
In general, you do not have to pay the application fee again. See the exceptions here below: 

  • If you wish to change your choice of study programme or specialisation, you must submit a complete new application and pay the application fee again.
  • If you have been admitted to an LLM Advanced Studies programme, you may only request re-admission once free of charge. If you re-apply a second or subsequent time, you must pay the application fee again and submit all your application documents once again, including an updated CV and copies of any recently obtained diplomas.
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What are the application deadlines?

Application deadlines vary depending on your programme type, visa and housing requirements, and whether you are applying for a programme with an additional selection procedure or numerus fixus (limited number of places).

Always refer to the individual programme description for details of the exact application deadline! 

Early application is advised for the following reasons:

  • If you do not have a Dutch diploma that grants automatic admission, you must complete a two-part application procedure, that consists of registration in Studielink followed by online application to Leiden University. You are required to complete both parts before the deadline!
  • You may be asked to submit additional documents or take certain tests to gain admission.
  • By applying late, you risk being too late to apply for a visa or housing.

General deadline information can be found via: 

I am not able to log in with my student account. What should I do?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to log in:

  • You haven’t yet received a user name and/or password. Request an account.
  • You have forgotten your user name and/or password. Request them again.
  • Your account has not yet been activated. Activate your account.
  • Your password has expired. Reset your password.
  • Your ULCN account is no longer active. You can only access uSis and Brightspace using your ULCN account up to 60 days after your student registration has been cancelled.

If you know your user name and password, keep the following points in mind:

  • You must log in with your user name, not your uMail address.
  • Use lower case letters to enter your user name, not capital letters (e.g. s1234567).
  • Make sure you haven’t accidentally put CAPS LOCK on.

If you still can’t log in, do the following:

  • Change the language on the log-in page, from Dutch to English or vice versa, and try again.
  • If you can log into one application but not another, the issue concerns the application and not your account. Contact the ISSC Helpdesk.
  • If none of the above-mentioned tips work contact the ISSC helpdesk.

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When will I receive my student card?

Per 1 January 2022 you will only receive a digital copy of your student card. This digital proof of registration will appear automatically in the Leiden University app within three days of the finalisation of your student registration. Don't have the app yet? Download it now! 

Not visible in the app? Once your student registration is finalised, you will receive notification via uSis. If you re-registered, your digital student card for the new academic year will become visible per 1 September. Still can't see your student card in the app after three days? Report the issue via the Helpdesk portal


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After admission, what should I do if I am unable to submit certified copies via the specified method?

On your admission statement, you can find instructions on how to submit certified copies of your academic records. Are you unable to submit certified copies in the manner stated? Take a look at the alternative options below. 

If your diploma can be verified online but we have not offered you this option
  • On the decision screen, upload a copy of your diploma AND a document explaining the online verification method.
  • The Admissions Office will assess whether online verification is possible or if hardcopies are still required.
If your school/university cannot submit documents via the specified method
  • Ask your school/university to send your academic records as pdf attachment by email to bacheloradmission@sea.leidenuniv.nl or masteradmission@sea.leidenuniv.nl.
  • The email must be sent by an authorised staff member from an official university email address, clearly stating the name and position of the staff member.
  • Upon receipt, the Admissions Office will decide if the documents meet the verification requirements or whether further items are required.
If you cannot request documents via your school/university
Are you unable to request documents via your school/university, for example because you graduated too long ago?
  • Instead, have your documents legalised or affixed with an Apostille stamp in the country where the qualification was obtained. Consult this Dutch Government website for further information.
  • The legalisation or Apostille stamp must be original – not a copy. We also cannot accept documents legalised by other authorities, such as notaries, translators or municipal offices.
  • Send the original legalised/apostilled documents to the Admissions Office by post. See postal address.
  • Also upload a copy of these items on the decision screen.
If you have a Dutch diploma but it is not in the DUO diploma register (Mijn Diploma’s)
  • Ask your Dutch school/university to send certified copies bearing an official stamp and signature in a sealed institution envelope to the Admissions Office by post. See postal address.
  • Also upload a copy of these items on the decision screen.
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