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Who are we?

Meet the FLO committee 2024! To ensure that the FLO-days are tailored to students' needs, the FLO committee is made up of student representatives of each student association within the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. With the collaboration of Emile, Itiwana, Spil and Labyrinth we plan to provide students with a great opportunity to think about their future!


My name is Ana, and I am starting my second year as a Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology student at Leiden University. In this study I have found a fascinating field which allows me to rethink all I know, search for new perspectives and study things I never considered or asked myself.

However, I have always had worries about the career prospects for my study asking myself the way I could apply my passions and make a living at the same time. I had always heard from people around me that it was going to be difficult to find good employment with such a degree. However, getting into the university environment, talking to people in the field and attending career orientation events such as the ones the FLO organizes has opened my eyes to many possibilities I didn't think were there. I am now more sure about my future.
With the work of the FLO this year we hope to help other Social Science students with similar uncertainties.


My name is Eline Monteny. I am 22 years old, and I am currently finishing up my master’s in Applied Cognitive Psychology. As a Psychology student, I will represent our study association Labyrint and be the chairwoman of the FLO committee.  

As a ‘jack of all trades” in the ACP department, I would consider myself an expert on how your career can make unexpected turns. I am a great fan of thinking outside of the box and daring to step outside of the beaten track. Therefore, my passion lies in “reforming” education and transforming students into passionate and skilled professionals, ready to take on the next step in their careers.   

The FLO committee is the perfect chance for me to inspire and connect students in their possibilities and give them the tools to become who they are and who they want to be.   

I hope that this event will unite the faculty’s future social scientists and make them branch out and learn from each other. This to form a tight-knit community of flourishing people.   

 hope to see you there! 


My name is Noa and I am 22 years old. I am a second-year student in Educational and Child studies at Leiden University. This year, I will be a FLO committee member as the representative of our study association Emile. Within this committee, I will be responsible for the promotion and external relations regarding the FLO days. 

As a student, I understand it can take a while to find your way through all the career opportunities. Therefore, I find it very important to help other students/young alumnus at the faculty to learn about all the career opportunities in our field as future social scientists.  

I am excited to be a part of organizing the FLO days with our amazing committee! We are doing our very best to find great speakers/alumni to create inspiring days at the faculty of social and behavioral sciences.  

Come join us on 7 & 8 February 2024 for a workshop, panel discussion and/or the information market to discover and connect with other students, alumni and inspiring speakers! 

I hope to see you there!


My name is Zsombor, I am a second year IRO student from Hungary, representing SPIL in the FLO committee.

Being an international student, studying in The Hague, I believe it is crucial for students of the Social and Behavioural Sciences faculty to connect more, and engage meaningfully with their future career.
The social sciences is an extremely diverse field of study, thus it might not be easy for students to decide on their future area of work or study. I, despite knowing that security and defence policy are my key interest, do not yet know, how to transition from student to professional life.

Whether you study Political Science, International Relations, or Psychology we, the FLO committee, are there to assist you in making this transition as beneficial as possible. The FLO days offer you the opportunity to take matters into your own hands by listening to speakers, such as alumni and professionals, as well as to engage in workshops and networking to build your own career.

Join us and let us connect at the event!

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