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Arranging graduation

You're about to graduate. That means there’s a lot to be arranged. The university expects you to take certain steps, as does your faculty and/or institute. Your faculty has various regulations and procedures in place that you need to follow carefully when arranging your graduation.

Steps towards graduation

Graduation means there’s a lot to be arranged. Below you will find a general overview of the steps to be taken. Make sure to first read the information provided by your faculty and department, as regulations and procedures can vary.

  1. You receive the final grade needed to fulfil your examination requirements.
  2. You request graduation: look under the faculty/study programme tab to find out exactly what steps your programme requires you to take to arrange graduation. You may receive a message from uSis entitled ‘You can graduate’. This message will explain the options available if you wish to delay graduation.
  3. Your student registration will not automatically be cancelled when you graduate. You have to cancel your registration yourself via Studielink. However de-registration is not compulsory if you have a reason for not wishing to do so. Make sure to carefully read the information on de-registering or re-registering.

Requesting postponement of graduation

If you receive a message from uSis entitled ‘You can graduate’, but you don’t yet want to graduate because you are taking additional courses or an internship that you want to be mentioned on your final transcript, you can request postponement of graduation. Look under your faculty or study programme tab for more information.

Conditions of postponement

The maximum duration of postponement you can request is until you have been registered on your study programme for the official programme duration plus one additional year. For Bachelor’s programmes this is 3+1 years, for most Master’s programmes this is 1+1 year. If you are more than a year behind in your studies your request will not be granted.

Official regulations on postponing graduation

The regulations and agreements concerning the postponement of graduation have been laid down by Leiden University Executive Board in the Leiden University Regulations on Postponing Graduation.

1. First upload a pdf version of your bachelor thesis in the thesis repository. Uploading your bachelor thesis in pdf is separate from the files you handed in with your thesis supervisor, and is a mandatory part of the diploma application process. More information on the repository can be found below.

2. Please check if all 180 ECTS are assigned to you in uSis. If not, please send an e-mail to osc.fgga@fgga.leidenuniv.nl. Please check this before applying for graduation. Please note that we do understand you may have not received your thesis grade yet. But if other grades/ECTSs are missing, please do let us know as soon as possible. See the general BASS Brightspace page for detailed information.

3. Fill out the diploma application form (the file can be downloaded on this page) and send it to the OSC via osc.fgga@fgga.leidenuniv.nl. In the form you will also find more information about deregistration

4. If applicable: in case you have received dispensation or compensation from the Board of Examiners and these do not yet show up in your list of study results, please include supporting proof in your e-mail to the OSC when you send in your diploma application form.
Questions about the form or the procedure? Contact the OSC via osc.fgga@fgga.leidenuniv.nl, or your study coordinator.

The Student Repository

In the Student Repository, Leiden University programmes are building an online archive that makes Bachelor and Master theses easily searchable and publicly available (if desired). At Leiden University we treat BSc and BA theses confidentially unless supervisor and student agree to make the thesis publically available. Master theses are made publicly available unless supervisor and student agree (in exceptional  circumstances) to make the thesis not publicly available.

Do not forget to fill out the consent form (page 2 of the application form) and send it to the OSC. For more information and a manual for uploading your thesis pdf, please see the Student Repository Website.

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