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Student associations

Leiden University is well known for its student associations, which provide a great way for you to get to know your fellow students. As well as parties and social events, student associations also offer excellent sporting and cultural opportunities.


These associations are not centred around a specific interest, faith or activity. Despite this, they still have their own particular identity. 

A.L.S.V. Quintus
A.L.S.V. Quintus is Leiden’s biggest student association with more 30 sub-associations, each with its own identity.

DAC is a modern student association, with something for everyone and a focus on connection through interests and talents.

L.S.V. Minerva
Minvera student society is 205 years old which makes it the oldest student meeting place in the Netherlands. Minerva offers 18 different sub-association, around 150 members houses and many sub-commissions.

L.V.V.S. Augustinus
L.V.V.S. Augustinus is one of the largest student associations in the country and has a traditional and multi-faceted character.

SSR is a mid-sized association characterised by its diversity. There’s a place for everyone in its many committees and sub-associations. Little is compulsory, lots is available.

V.S.L. Catena
Everyone is welcome at Catena: the gamer, the philosopher, the tech lover, the sportsperson, the creative type, the politician. At Catena they can all come together for pub quizzes, drinks, film evenings, parties and much more.

At these associations the focus is on shared hobbies, activities and interests.

A.S.V. Prometheus
Discover a new hobby or learn more about your own interests in one of the Prometheus gilds: groups of members who organise activities on the basis of a shared interest.

Leiden Debating Union
This international debating association meets twice a week to debate in the style of the British House of Commons (English spoken). Many members remain active in the association long after graduation, so creating a large network of knowledge and experience. 

L.S.K.O. Collegium Musicum
Collegium Musicum is one of the oldest and largest student choir and orchestra associations in the Netherlands. In addition to regular rehearsals, the association organises fun activities such as parties, games evenings and galas.

L.S.S.V. Het Duivelsei
A diverse association for students who love boardgames, card games, RPG, console games and more.

De Sleutelstam student scouting (in Dutch)
De Sleutelstam is Leiden’s student scouting association. For all students who want to combine scouting with student life.

S.M.G. Sempre Crescendo
This musical association is the oldest student choir and orchestra in the Netherlands. As well as joining in the song and music, you can take part in trips, drinks and themed parties organised by Siempre.

Student theatre association Cuculum
At the only independent student theatre association in Leiden, you can work on the annual show or join one of the improvisation groups.

VSA Leiden
This student association is specially for vegans (though others are also welcome). VSA organises social and substantive events such as dinners, drinks, film and game evenings, and debates.

Associations for international and Dutch students with an emphasis on cultural exchange, international relations and travel.

AEGEE Leiden
As well as activities in Leiden, the European student travel association AEGEE organises a number of trips throughout Europe every year. AEGEE’s network of over 150 sister associations offers a wealth of opportunities for international contact.

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Leiden
This interdisciplinary student association is aimed mainly at international and exchange students. ESN facilitates academic, social and practical integration through its various activities and programmes.

Leiden United
This international student association aims to bridge the gap between Dutch and international/exchange students through its buddy programme, social activities such as parties, drinks and dinners, and much more.

The Leiden Student Association for International Relations (SIB) is aimed at students with an interest in international relations. Students from all study programmes are welcome. SIB-Leiden organises both substantive and social activities and trips.

Faith is the central theme at these student associations.

C.S.F.R. Panoplia
This Christian association organises activities such as study groups, lectures, Bible circles, weekends and get-togethers. Many members are Reformed Christians however Panoplia is not affiliated with any particular denomination.

E.S.V. Ichthus Leiden
Ichthus is a small Christian association of enthusiastic students from all denominations. As well as weekly Bible studies, it also offers association weekends, study circles and a range of other activities.

Navigators Student Association Leiden (NSL)
NSL is a broadly Christian student association with members from diverse backgrounds. As well as  get-togethers, parties and weekends, NSL also holds bi-weekly Bible groups.

SABR (which stands for students for the active promotion of religion) is an Islamic student association that strives to promote the integration of Muslim students in Leiden student life and provides information about Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

V.G.S.L. Fransicus Gomarus
Gomarus is the oldest Christian student association in the city and has an active and typically student-like character. Members meet up at Bible groups, lectures, get-togethers and a host of other social and substantive activities.

Alpinism: De Leidsche Studenten Alpenclub (L.S.A.C.)
The Leiden Student Alpinism Club (LSAC) has been active in the Alps, Ardennes and climbing walls of the Netherlands for nearly 100 years. The club focuses on climbing and bouldering, glacier tours and Alpine ascents. L.S.A.C. is a sub-association of Minerva, but open to all.

Badminton: B.S.C. Leiden
At this small student badminton association you can play competitively or join training and free-play sessions. Players of all levels are welcome for to come by for a trial session. 

Basketball: L.U.S.V. Basketball
LUSV Basketball is a student-run sports association for both beginners and experienced players. As well as training sessions and games, LUSV organises (team) drinks and other social activities.

Dance: S.D.A. Leidance
This student dance association focuses on partner dancing (ballroom, salsa, kizomba, bachata and more). Its members form a diverse, international group. As well as dance classes, Leidance organises social dance evenings, parties, workshops, movie nights and many other activities.

Diving: Leidse Studenten Duikvereniging (L.S.D.)
At the Leiden Student Diving Association you can (learn to) dive in an affordable way. The association also organises various social activities such as diving weekends, trips, drinks and dinners.

Hockey: L.S.H. Thor
Thor is the only independent student hockey club in Leiden. The club offers training sessions and KNHB competitions, as well as corporate, indoor and spring hockey. Members also meet up throughout the year for get-togethers, parties, tournaments and other activities.

Canoeing: A.L.S.K.V. Levitas
At Levitas you can do many types of canoeing, from quiet trips to canoe polo or sea canoeing. Levitas also organises social activities such as movie nights, table football tournaments, climbing and survival trips, and nights out.


  • L.V.V. Football Factory
    Leiden's biggest student football association has something for everyone: students who just want to train and students who also want to play matches. Some members come primarily for fun and friendships, whilst others are looking for a more serious challenge.
  • LSVV ’70
    This Leiden Student Football Association is open to students and alumni. The club has both an outdoor branch and indoor branch. For more than 50 years, LSVV'70 has been a club on the move, where social activities and great football go hand in hand. You can play at all levels and the social aspect paramount.

Lacrosse: L.L.V. Leicrosse
This lacrosse association offers social activities such as game nights, dinners and team weekends in addition to training sessions and competitions.


  • A.L.S.R.V. Asopos De Vliet
    With more than 800 members, Asopos is one of the largest associations in Leiden. At Asopos you can learn to row at all level as well as joining in the active association life.
  • K.S.R.V. Njord
    The oldest student rowing association in the Netherlands and one of the largest associations in Leiden. Njord is affiliated with Minerva but open to everyone. As well as rowing, members also meet up regularly for drinks.

Rugby: Leidsch Studenten Rugby Gezelschap (L.R.S.G.)
L.R.S.G. is always on the lookout for new players. Experience isn’t necessary. As well as offering sport, LRSG is also a social society in which players form close friendships and see each other regularly off the pitch.

Running: L.U.H.V. Currimus
At Leiden University running club Currimus, you can get together with students and alumni of the university and other local higher education institutions for weekly training sessions and other fun activities, such as dinners, parties and running weekends.

Surfing: S.W.V. Plankenkoorts
The aim of this windsurfing association is to provide access to wind and wave surfing as affordably as possible. To facilitate this, Plankenkoorts has three buses, a storage shed and a windsurfing centre at its disposal.

Tennis: S.T.V. Qravel
One of the largest student tennis associations in Leiden, here you can train and compete at any level. Qravel organises many sport and social activities, including a members' weekend, ski trips and parties.

Ultimate Frisbee: Panic
Panic is an active community made up of different teams (open, women's and mixed). Here you can develop your skills as a player and as a team, and join in social activities such as get-togethers, dinners and parties.

Volleyball: SKC Studentenvolleybal
At SKC you can train and play matches at all levels. The association has various active committees that organise a host of sports and social activities, such as a beach competitions, tournaments, barbecues, clinics and parties.

Water polo & swimming: E.L.S.Z.W.V. Aquamania
At this student swimming and water polo association you can train at all levels and take part in both swimming and water polo competitions. Aquamania also organises social activities such as bowling, dinners, drinks and parties.

Sailing: A.L.S.Z.V. De Blauwe Schuit
This student sailing association offers recreational and competitive sailing at all levels. On top of that, De Blauwe Schuit organises social activities such as drinks, parties and sailing camps.

The Hague

Floorball: H.S.K. Floorball
Floorball is a fast-paced, highly dynamic team sport and one of the fastest growing sports in Europe.

Hockey: KZ STUDS, hockeyclub Klein Zwitserland
Klein Zwitserland, the only student hockey club in The Hague, would love to welcome new students. You can sign up individually or as a whole team, or come along for a trial session with no obligation.

Lacrosse: Den Haag Lacrosse
From absolute beginners to national competitions; students of all levels are welcome to play lacrosse and join in fun activities.

Rowing: H.S.R.V. Pelargos
A rowing association that also organises social activities such as get-togethers, parties and committees.

Rugby: The Hague Hornets
As well as sport, this student rugby team also offers fun social activities such as getting together for meals after training sessions.

Tennis: H.L.T.C. Leimonias
This tennis association offers low-cost student membership. You can play a friendly match, take lessons and play in competitions.

Ultimate Frisbee: Ultimus Prime (UP)
Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that requires athletic ability, tactical insight, self-control and team spirit. In addition to training sessions and competitions, the association organises get-togethers, parties and other social activities.

Football: H.V.V. Football Factory
This football association combines the competitive with the recreational, both on and off the pitch. 

Volleyball: Sovicos Volleyball Association
This volleyball association offers a discounted student membership. In addition to indoor and beach volleyball training sessions and matches, Sovicos organises a variety of fun activities.

Sailing: Team Haagse Hogeschool
Haagse Hogeschool is one of the student teams that takes part in the 'Race of the Classics'. This is an annual sailing race in which student teams compete against each other on classic sailing ships.

Afro Student Association
Organises workshops, meetings and social events aimed at students with an African background.

Haagsch Studenten Schutters Korps 'Pro Libertate' 
This association forms a bridge between student society and defence. It organises activities that combine fun with challenge and adventure.

Haagsche Studenten Vereeniging (HSV)
The oldest student association in The Hague, HSV organises a host of activities such as get-togethers, excursions and sports lessons.

H.G.S.V. Philautia
H.G.S.V. Philautia focuses on the LGBTQ+ community and organises social activities aimed at introducing students to their fellow students and the city.

H.S.C. INTAC van Zwijndregt 
This social association organises all sorts of activities such as hockey tournaments, annual galas, sailing trips, winter sports and plenty of parties.

MENA Student Association
This association strives to represent the culture of the Middle East by promoting an inclusive vision of the region. MENA organises a range of social and cultural events throughout the year at which everyone is welcome.

Navigators Student Association Den Haag
This Christian student association has a focus on faith and organises activities with an emphasis on connection and learning.

Student Symphony Orchestra Valerius
The Hague Student Symphony Orchestra Valerius is the youngest orchestra in The Hague.

Organises both substantive and social activities aimed at students with an African background and students who have an affinity with the continent of Africa.

Get to know the associations

You can find our which association would suit you best by taking part in the EL CIDHOP or OWL introduction programmes. Many associations also organise their own getting to know us activities.

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