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Update coronavirus: Restrictions eased, new rules on face masks and quarantine

26 January 2022

The government announced on 25 January 2022 that it was easing more restrictions. The University will apply these eased restrictions from 26 January 2022. We are pleased that more is possible once again. A new version of the Campus Protocol that incorporates the eased restrictions will be published as soon as possible.

New rules on face masks

As of 26 January there are new rules on face masks. Students and staff must wear a face mask at the University, when both sitting and moving around. The exception is if you are sitting 1.5m away from other people. Then you do not need to wear a face mask. 

Quarantine rules eased

The quarantine rules for students have been eased. If you have had a booster jab over a week ago or have had coronavirus in the past eight weeks, you no longer have to quarantine if you have been in contact with someone who has coronavirus and if you do not have any symptoms yourself. For more information see the government website (in Dutch).

BSA norm relaxed

The BSA norm has been lowered for first-year students.

Cafés and restaurants to reopen

University restaurants will reopen where possible from 7 February. The Faculty Club, the Academy Building and the cafés with 1.5m seating will be open from 26 January. 

More sport options at the University Sports Centre

There are more options for sport at the University Sports Centre. See the USC website for more information.

For more details and other changes, see the full coronavirus update for 26 January.

Coronavirus update 26 January
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