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Workshop Reselect your study choice?

Are you in doubt about your study choice? Are you unsure if this is the route towards your future or does it just not fit you? Maybe you've already decided you want to stop or maybe you weren't ready for that yet.

In this workshop we will get to know the process you might experience when you start doubting your study choice. We’ll reflect on what you've learned about yourself in the study program that you're in now and see what this means for your search for another program. Besides this, you will receive tools to start your search and make a more suitable choice in the (near) future.

Who can participate?

Bachelor students enrolled at Leiden University, but start to doubt if they are in the right program and are considering a change to another study program.  Are you a master student with doubts about a career path that suits you, please make an appointment with one of the Career counselors of your faculty. 

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