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Mental Health Day

Tuesday 10 October 2023
Various, see programme

Mental Health Day

On 10 October 2023 it is World Mental Health Day. This is a day dedicated to mental health awareness and education. Leiden University is taking part by offering a number of activities. Check out the programme below.

Of course, you are also welcome to contact us throughout the year for help with your mental well-being. On the student well-being website you can find an overview of well-being activities and who you can turn to for support.


Walking in and appreciating nature can help you feel more relaxed, happy, and creative, ultimately providing a significant boost. The Nature Walks are organized by the Nature Academy and are designed to help you connect with yourself, your fellow students, and nature itself. During these guided walks, you can peacefully soak in your surroundings or engage in conversations with others based on thought-provoking questions.

The walks will occur in both Leiden and The Hague. In The Hague, we'll explore the 'Haagse Bos,' while in Leiden, the walks will take place in the 'Polderpark Cronesteyn.' The walk takes about 2 hours. 

Registration is required.

Register here for the Nature Walk

The documentary 'Nola' will be screened continuously today in The Hague (Spanish Steps, Wijnhaven building) and Leiden (Living Room, KOG). Nola is about 24-year old Daniëlle and her psychosocial assistance dog. This documentary gives a special and intimate glimpse into what living with an anxiety disorder is like and shows what a psychosocial assistance dog can mean when other mental health services are unable to offer solutions. The documentary is subtitled in English and is 20 minutes long.

At the university’s Popcorners and several other locations today, you can find so-called conversation cards. Talk to a fellow student and use the questions on the cards to start a conversation about mental well-being.

Discover three hacks you can use to work on your mental well-being at home.

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