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Stand as a candidate in the university elections!

The university elections will be held from 17 to 21 May 2021. Students and staff can shortly put themselves forward as candidates for the University Council, Faculty Councils or Department Councils.

Would you like to represent the interests of staff and students over the coming year? If so, you can send in your nomination in digital form from 13 to 16 April. Students can become representatives in the University Council and the Faculty Councils. Staff can put themselves forward as candidates for the Faculty Councils and the Department Councils. 

What do the participation bodies do?

The University Council, Faculty Councils and Department Councils critically monitor the management of our university, give advice, both on request and on their own initiative, and play a part in decision-making on important issues. The University Council does this at the level of the Executive Board, the Faculty Councils operate at faculty level and the Department Councils work at the level of the central services. Read more about their work on the organisation site.

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Why should I stand as a candidate?

A role in one of the participation bodies offers not only the chance to represent the interests of students and staff, but is also an important element of good governance. In addition, it is an opportunity for personal development in terms of networking, negotiating, presenting an argument and assessing policy. Not only that, you will always be the first to know of any significant developments within the university!

How can I put myself forward as a candidate?

You can put yourself forward as a candidate by filling in the relevant forms and sending them to the election office. This year the whole process will be digital, so there is no need to actually come to the university. The information and forms you need can be found on the staff and student participation website or from the university election offices.


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