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What we offer

Our goal is to help international students feel happy and at home in the Netherlands. We aim to bring students together, create a sense of community and foster a safe and tolerant living environment.

Resident Assistants

We have ‘Resident Assistants’ in all DUWO international student accommodation complexes in Leiden and Oegstgeest. Resident Assistants organise activities to help you settle in, get to know each other and learn more about Leiden and Dutch life. They also offer support in practical and personal matters, and can refer you to  Leiden University’s wide range of professional support staff if required.

You can approach your RA for matters including:  

  • Issues with roommates or neighbours
  • Personal problems 
  • Questions about your area or the university
  • Minor repairs or missing items in your room
  • Repairs needed in the communal areas 
  • Or if you just feel like talking to someone

We may not always know the answers, but we will always do our best to help out and find out who you should speak to, so don’t be afraid to contact us.  

The Residence Life Programme is active at the following DUWO student accommodation complexes:


  • Hooigracht/ Kloosterpoort/ Middelstegracht
  • Hugo de Grootstraat
  • Oranjelaan
  • De Zeven Provincien 'Hofflants Huys'
  • Smaragdlaan
  • Sigmaplantsoen

The Hague:

  • Stamkartstraat
  • Leemanstoren
  • Enthovenplein

If you have questions or are experiencing difficulties, whether they are practical, personal or study-related, you are welcome to contact your Resident Assistant. If the Resident Assistant is unable to assist you, they can refer you to someone who can, for example a counsellor, academic adviser, or the DUWO caretaker.

Are you nervous about arriving in a new city and meeting new people? You can ask your Resident Assistants to show you around. They will also organise social activities to help you feel at home, for example film nights, cooking clubs, barbeques and shared dinners. To help you get the most out of your time in Leiden, you will also be introduced to the wide range of sports and social activities on offer for Leiden students. 

Resident Assistants help ensure a pleasant living environment by making sure rules are followed and residents treat each other with mutual respect. If you experience a problem in your accommodation and don’t know what to do, whether it’s a leaking sink or an issue with a neighbour, you can turn to your Resident Assistant.

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