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De-registration or re-registration

Graduating from your study programme and being awarded your diploma does not mean your student registration is automatically cancelled. De-registration is your own responsibility and is not compulsory.

Once you have graduated you can choose to cancel your student registration. However if you will continue following a study programme you should remain registered and, if required, re-register for the next academic year.

You can find full details of our registration, de-registration and re-registration procedures under Your student registration. However please keep the following in mind:

  • De-registration does not occur automatically and is not compulsory. It is not linked to the awarding of your diploma.
  • If you remain registered as a student you must continue paying tuition fees, but you may remain entitled to a student travel pass and student finance from DUO.
  • If you choose to de-register remember to cancel your student travel pass and student finance with DUO. This does not happen automatically.
  • Remember that other organisations must be notified once you cancel your student registration (for example your insurance provider or bank).
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