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Using ChatGPT for written assignment? Be aware of the risks

15 February 2023

The ChatGPT programme has been in the news a lot recently. This chatbot answers questions using artificial intelligence (AI). Students have also been known to use it for written assignments. 

Prepared for a future with AI

Artificial intelligence will certainly play a greater role in society and science in the future. It offers great opportunities but also poses new challenges. Leiden University sees it as its task to teach students how to approach AI in a critical and responsible manner. We are committed to ensuring that education remains in line with this new development.


Although programmes such as ChatGPT can be a useful tool, in a similar way to spell checkers and Wikipedia, they cannot replace your own original work. If you use an AI programme such as ChatGPT for written assignments and fail to state this, you are committing fraud and violating academic integrity. This can have serious consequences for your studies.

Developing skills

The other important reason why you should not use AI programmes for written assignments is that by doing so, you are hindering your academic development. After all, if you rely on artificial intelligence to write assignments, you will not develop the skills you need to graduate. For your bachelor's or master's thesis, you must demonstrate under intensive supervision that you are able to conduct research and write about it. If you have not developed these skills sufficiently, you will fall behind in your studies or fail to graduate.

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