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Vote for the Faculty Council and the University Council elections this week!

17 April 2023

From Monday 17 April until Friday 20 April you an vote for your representatives in both the your Faculty Council as well as the University Council. These representatives play a role in the decision-making process for the some of the most important issues within the university, such as the quality of education, new buildings, facilities and sustainability.

Who can you vote for in the Faculty Council election?

The student parties and candidates taking part vary from one faculty to another. You can find all the candidates in this overview.

  1. Sara Bieshaar (BA International Studies)
  2. Tim Kerkhoff (BA Urban Studies)
  3. Max Adams (BA International Studies)
  4. Joost Kamp (BA International Studies)
  5. Lelani Antar (BA International Studies)
  1. Jamal Smith (BA Geschiedenis)
  2. Aaron Kessens (BA Geschiedenis)
  3. Jimmy Diekman (BA Geschiedenis)
  4. Femke Kahlmann (BA Film- en literatuurwetenschap)
  5. Paul van Steijn (BA Geschiedenis)
  6. Olaf Stam (BA Geschiedenis)
  7. Wessel Storm (BA Geschiedenis)
  8. Rens de Boer (BA Geschiedenis)
  9. Kate Horstman (BA Geschiedenis)
  10. Izaak Mulder (BA International Studies)
  11. Valerie Slijkerman (BA Geschiedenis)
  12. Bas de Boer (BA Latijns-Amerikastudies)
  13. Frederique Versteeg (BA Geschiedenis)
  14. Jelmer Faber (BA Geschiedenis)
  15. Jort Nawijn (BA Geschiedenis)
  16. Nordin Verhagen (BA Midden-Oostenstudies)
  17. Max Koonen (BA Chinastudies)
  18. Tess de Rijke (BA Geschiedenis)
  19. Karlijn van der Wiel (MA Book and Digital Media Studies)
  20. Arie Benschop (BA Geschiedenis)
  1. Susan van Grol (BA Griekse en Latijnse Taal en Cultuur)
  2. José Manuel Jun Pereira (BA English Language and Culture)
  3. Robin Wacann(BA Japanstudies)
  4. Viviane Schoen (BA Urban Studies)
  5. Matthias de Wit (BA Geschiedenis)
  6. Julia de Klerk (BA English Language and Culture)
  7. FedericCassani (BA Linguistics)
  8. Laura-Teodora Popa (BA International Studies)
  9. Robbin Geerlof (BA Geschiedenis)
  10. Tijn Uijlenburg (BA Filosofie)
  11. Katja van Rooten (BA Nederlandse Taal en Cultuur)
  12. Amos Waasdorp (BA Geschiedenis)
  13. Neele Boelens (BA Taalwetenschap) 
  14. Stephanie Lones (BA English Language and Culture)
  15. Björn de Ruiter (BA Griekse en Latijnse Taal en Cultuur)
  16. Jeppe Bandringa (MA Afrikastudies)
  17. Nadien Abou Elmagd (BA English Language and Culture)
  18. Rassoul Coelen (MA International Relations: European Union Studies)
  19. Ebrar Kaya (BA Midden-Oostenstudies) 
  1. Daniël Hooimeijer (BA Geschiedenis)
  2. Wessel Kornegoor (BA Geschiedenis)
  3. Maud Voets (BA Geschiedenis)
  4. Bart Wentholt (BA Geschiedenis)
  5. Floris van Adrichem (BA Franse taal en cultuur en BA Geschiedenis)
  6. Arjan van der Hoff (BA Geschiedenis)
  7. Dana de Vlieger (BA Nederlandse taal en cultuur)
  8. Noa van de Klundert (MA History: Europe 1000-1800)
  9. Michael Reintjens (MA International Relations)
  10. Sam Broere (BA Geschiedenis)
  11. Nova Verkerk (BA Geschiedenis)
  12. Thomas Bemelmans (BA Russische studies)
  13. Veerle van de Laar (BA Oude Nabije Oostenstudies en BA Geschiedenis)
  14. Sean Loney (BA Geschiedenis)
  15. Cas Meeuwissen (BA Geschiedenis)
  16. Sjors Stuurman (ResMA Colonial and Global History)
  17. Bram Gerrits (BA Geschiedenis)

Also take a look on the various party websites to find out more about the candidates and for which faculty councils they are standing. 

Who can you vote for in the University Council election?

The following student parties are taking part in the University Council elections:

  • Democratic Students Party – The Hague (DSP)
  • Liberale Studentenpartij (LSP)
  • Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten (LVS)
  • Ondernemende Studenten Leiden (ONS Leiden)
  • Party voor (Bio)Medical Students (PBMS)

Read more about the parties. Also read this news item in which the party leaders introduce themselves and explain why they think you should vote for them.

How to vote

From Monday morning 17 April 7:00 until Friday afternoon 20 April 16:00 you can vote for your student representatives in the University Council and your Faculty Council. On the first day of the elections, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the voting webpage. After logging in with your ULCN account, you will be able to cast your vote. 

Vote now!

Announcement of the results

The results will be announced and published on the University Elections page.

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