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Workshop Competences and Qualities

In this workshop we will look into your competencies and qualities through your personal and career profile. Your personal and career profile consists of a description of who you are, what you can do, the kind of work you are looking for and under what conditions you want to work. As the title suggests, it is a combination of you as a person and you as an employee.

Judith Hoogmoed  (Study choice/career adviser)

Competences and qualities consist of:

  • Your personal characteristics, your qualities, and your points of development;
  • What you find important in your work and the areas of work and the jobs you want to focus on, and where your heart goes;
  • What you expect from your working environment and what you have to offer the organisation.

These qualities together form your unique profile. Knowledge of your personal career profile is helpful in finding vacancies and employers, but also as input for a job interview. This workshop will provide you with tools to formulate your personal career profile. 


This workshop is full. Registration is no longer possible.

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