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LUC Financial Support Programme

Leiden University College (LUC) offers financial support to a limited number of excellent students who may otherwise not be able to attend. Both enrolled students and future students of LUC can request financial support.

Scholarship application deadline: 15 March 2023 / (recommended) application for admission deadline: 1 December 2022
Target group
Countries/ nationalities
All nationalities
Scholarship type
Governance and Global Affairs

For who

For excellent applicants and current students of Leiden University College (LUC) who may otherwise not be able to attend without financial support.

Eligibility requirements

  • Prospective students:
    • When applying for the scholarship, you must have already submitted an application for admission to LUC.
    • During the scholarship selection period (March to May), you must have already been (conditionally) admitted to LUC.
  • Current LUC students:
    • When applying for the scholarship, you must be making good academic progress without significant or non-substantiated credit shortages.
  • You have not previously obtained a Bachelor or Master degree.
  • You are able to provide documentary evidence that you are unable to study at LUC without financial support. See information on Criteria, required documents and conditions.

Note: due to the limited availability of funds, financial support cannot be awarded to all candidates who meet the above-mentioned eligibility criteria.


  • Recipients are obliged to inform LUC of any changes to their financial situation and academic progress as soon as they occur. Changes of this nature may have an impact on the continuation and amount of financial support.
  • During their studies, recipients will act as ambassadors for LUC whenever appropriate.

Scholarship amount

  • Recipients will be awarded an amount between 1000 Euro and 3000 Euro per year - exact amount to be determined by LUC on the basis of the applicant’s situation and the amount of funds available.
  • Funds are awarded for a period of one academic year. At the end of that year, students will be invited to request a renewal of their financial support for the following academic year.
  • Renewal of financial support is at the discretion of LUC and is not guaranteed. When requesting a renewal, students must demonstrate that their financial situation still merits the awarding of financial support.
  • Financial support can be awarded for a maximum of 3 academic years (6 semesters).

Application process

Before applying, carefully read the information on Criteria, required documents and conditions then take all the steps below:

  • Preferably before 1 December: submit an application for admission to LUC via Leiden University’s online application portal (uSis).
    Please note:  
    • In order to be admitted in time for the scholarship selection period, we highly advise you to meet this early application for admission deadline! 
    • Current LUC students can disregard this step.
  • Before 15 March: in the scholarship section of your online application (uSis), indicate that you wish to apply for the LUC financial support programme.
  • Upload the following items in your online scholarship application, as described in the information on Criteria, required documents and conditions then click on submit:
    • Motivation letter
    • Financial plan (using this template)
    • Supporting documents

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered!

Selection process

  • March to May: the selection committee will assess all applications for financial support on the basis of documented financial situation, demonstrated attitude to meeting costs and motivation.
  • Funds are allocated in the following order of precedence
    1. ​​​Current LUC students (both renewals and first requests for financial support).
    2. New students who have been admitted to LUC by the start of the selection period (15 March).
    3. New students who are admitted to LUC after the selection period had commenced (after 15 March). Candidates from this group will be waitlisted and only awarded financial support if there are funds remaining.
  • 1 May: all candidates will be notified of the decision on their application for financial support via Leiden University’s online application portal (uSis).
  • Recipients must accept the offered financial support within 2 weeks of being notified of the award via the online application portal (uSis).
  • The awarding of financial support is at the discretion of LUC. Decisions are final and may not be contested.


The information you provide in your application and supporting documents will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will only be used by the Selection committee for the assessment of your financial support application. This process is separate to the admission process and will in no way influence the decision of the admissions board. 


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