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Study programmes publish their schedules on Blackboard, uSis, the e-prospectus, or via this page of the students' website.

You can find information on your schedule by looking under your faculty or study programme tab.

If you can't find your schedule please contact your Study Adviser or Education Administration Office.

Course and Exam Schedules 2018-2019

Master Computer Science

Avanced Data Analytics, Bioinformatics, Business Studies, Science Communication & Society and Education

First & Second Year

Master Computer Science: Data Science

First year

Second year

Class Locations 2018-2019

Please find below the class locations for all Master Computer Science and Data Science courses. Select your own set of courses using the filter option.

Master Computer Science

  • Class locations Fall & Spring - All years (Excel) (Pdf)

Master Data Science: Computer Science

  • Class locations Fall & Spring - All years (Excel) (Pdf)


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