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Classroom Logistics

Leiden University has decided to offer online teaching with on campus teaching when possible. However, even the on campus teaching will have severe limitations.

  1. Students nor staff are allowed on the academic floors if they have symptoms of COVID19. Students who have COVID19 symptoms can be refused entry to class or office hours.
  2. LUC has permission to use its own two-hour timeslots due to the residential nature of our programme. LUC students will not put a large burden on public transport. Students not living on campus are asked to minimize use of public transport, use your feet or bike instead. If the AvB bike area is full, you can also park your bike at the free Biesiklette behind the National Archive.
  3. The regular timeslots have been slightly adjusted to allow for cleaning and ventilation. If you want to chat to your teacher after class, please do so elsewhere. The same timeslots apply for online sessions: 9:00-10:4511:00-12:4513:15-15:0015:15-17:00 and 17:15-19:00.
  4. LUC can use its own classrooms for teaching, but has to stick to the 1,5 meter distance. For eight of our classrooms the maximum number of persons is 8, while the other five classrooms can accommodate 10. Both include the instructor! The LUC auditorium can accommodate 40 students, but will be used by the other programmes in The Hague who have to share the Wijnhaven building.
  5. All users in the building should use the walking routes indicated with arrows on the floors, also if that takes more time. Allow for enough time to get to class, also with the limited occupation of elevators (max 2 persons).
  6. Facemasks are not compulsory after the moving in and introduction weeks (Leiden University follows the RIVM guidelines). Please observe the maximum number of people per room as indicated on each classroom. Do not move the tables and do not use extra chairs. Guidelines may change and we will inform everyone when they do. If you do prefer to wear a facemask, you are of course free to do so.
  7. Observing the 1.5 meters is a shared responsibility and we ask you to observe this in class as well as in the hallways and other areas. In addition, to remind all users of our building of this responsibility, UFB will have ‘coaches’ on site.
  8. Keep in mind that it is likely that government regulations will become stricter again if the number of COVID19 infections increases. It is possible that we have to switch to fully online teaching again at very short notice.


UFB has prepared our classrooms for the use of 8 (or sometimes 10) people max, including the instructor. All classes have now been scheduled to a room, to allow for hybrid teaching. Please refrain from using a classroom when you have not booked one (see also below).

If you need equipment to stream or record your classroom session, please contact the information desk on floor 4 well ahead of time.  Do not forget to return the equipment after use.

Please do not move the furniture in the classrooms, and please do not add chairs or tables from elsewhere. The electrical sockets in the classroom tables may not be available in this setup so make sure that your laptop is charged before coming to class.

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