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Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Fund: Call for Applications

15 November 2023

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We recognize that staff members and students within the Faculty often have bright ideas about how we can do things better. The Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Fund provides small grants to initiatives in support of our D&I priorities, with specific emphasis on creating an inclusive learning environment. For an overview of successful projects from last year’s call, visit this page.

Who can apply?

All staff and students in the Faculty of Humanities are welcome to apply to this fund.
•    Staff: all academics, researchers, and support staff on permanent or fixed term, full-time or part-time, contracts are eligible, as long as they are employed exclusively or in part by the Faculty of Humanities.
•    Students: all students at bachelor or (research) master level who are studying at the Faculty of Humanities.

What will we fund?

Applications are welcome for funding of a wide range of initiatives that will further the Faculty’s commitment to promoting an inclusive learning environment. Examples of initiatives are lecture series, workshops, conferences, podcasts, the re-design of a course, facilitating the inclusion of guest speakers that bring in new perspectives, events organized by study associations etc. Applications that use funding as seed funding to secure further funds, or to pilot activities that different study programmes can learn from, are warmly received.

Applications should show how they:

  • Contribute to the Faculty’s D&I priorities outlined in the Work Plan, with a specific emphasis on education and the learning environment;
  • Demonstrate breadth of impact, through benefit to staff and/or students across a number of study programmes/institutes, and/or clear plans for good practice to be applied more widely;
  • Demonstrate how the impact of the activity may be sustained beyond the initial funding period.

Funding is unlikely to be awarded for:

  • Activities for which we would normally expect other financial support to exist within the Faculty or externally;
  • Activities that would require recurrent funding in order to continue beyond the initial funding period;
  • Activities that focus solely on research and have little to no connection to the learning environment/curriculum.

How do I apply?

Applications should be made via the JEDI Fund application form only and sent to divers-inclusief@hum.leidenuniv.nl by 20 November 2023. Successful applications will be notified by mid-January 2024. Feedback will be given to all unsuccessful applications.

Who else should be involved?

All applicants should consult with appropriate support staff and/or their respective Programme Board in developing their application to ensure that the proposed project is appropriate and does not duplicate any ongoing work in this area. E.g. an application proposing innovative teaching methods may seek input of the Faculty’s Educational Advisor (Annebeth Simonsz).

The D&I Policy Advisor (Aurelie van ‘t Slot) can give informal advice on the suitability of your proposal.

Who will decide which projects receive the funding?

Applications will be assessed by a panel consisting of members of the academic staff, support staff, and student community. Panel members have appropriate and recognized diversity and inclusion expertise or experience. The D&I Policy Advisor will act as the secretary to the panel.

How much money can I apply for?

  • Student-led activities selected for funding are restricted to a maximum budget of €500.
  • Staff-led activities selected for funding are restricted to a maximum budget of €5000.
  • Activities characterized as a joint student-staff effort are restricted to a maximum budget of €5000.

Total funding of €15,000 is available. Please note that max. 30% of the requested budget can go towards catering (drinks/lunch/dinner).

When can the money be spent?

Funds will be available from February 2024 and must be spent by 31 December 2024.

What evaluation process is there?

Applicants must submit a short report on the realisation and impact of the approved activity. They may be asked to provide a short presentation (e.g. word document, PowerPoint, infographic or video) for the Faculty webpage and, if relevant, for discussion in faculty meetings.

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