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New in The Hague: minor Business Administration

As of academic year 2021-2022 Leiden University is offering a minor Business Administration in The Hague. What is this minor and what can you achieve with it?

The minor Business Administration teaches business knowledge and skills that are important for your future career. In many (international) companies and organisations there is a need for people who link knowledge of their field to business knowledge and management skills. The minor Business Administration in combination with your own degree programme offers you this opportunity!

The minor Business Administration is the English language version of the Dutch minor Bedrijfswetenschappen which is offered in Leiden. The content of these minors is the same. The difference is that the lectures and tutorials in English are given in The Hague. In this way, the University offers students following an internationally oriented degree programme, as well as other international students, the opportunity to add this successful course to their cv. The Dutch version taught in Leiden is called Bedrijfswetenschappen and the English version taught in The Hague is called Business Administration. The two minors and their courses have their own separate e-prospectus number.

Jan Willem Kakebeeke

The two minors and their courses are taught in parallel, says lecturer Jan Willem Kakebeeke. ‘So we teach the lectures and tutorials in both languages during the same period. A lecture that is given in the morning in Dutch in Leiden, is given on the same day in The Hague at a different time. And the same applies for the tutorials. The examination will be held at both locations at exactly the same time.’

The English language minor Business Administration in The Hague is specifically aimed at students who are already following an English language degree programme and who would like to add a business component to their studies. ‘The minor is therefore well suited for students who would otherwise go to Amsterdam and Rotterdam for an English language business administration course. The minor Business Administration is our response to the wishes of students and faculties to teach this minor in English in The Hague.’

An overview of all minors offered at Leiden Law School in the coming academic year is available here.

Where possible, a slightly different emphasis may be placed in the separate minors Bedrijfswetenschappen and Business Administration. ‘In The Hague, for example, the international character of the target group can be emphasised in the case studies’, says Kakebeeke. ‘This will also be possible during the tutorials. In doing so, we will try to connect with the perspective of the students.’

Registering for these minors is possible from Monday 3 May. There are no special admission requirements. All information is available in the Prospectus, in both Dutch and English. If you require more information about the programme, please contact the office of the Department of Business Studies: bedrijfswetenschappen@law.leidenuniv.nl.

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