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Improve your study skills with the skills platform

How do you write a report, how do you use an agenda during a meeting and how do you pitch your research proposal to an expert panel? As a student you have to write, collaborate and present. But how do you do that? The e-learning skills platform is there to help with the skills you need during your studies.

The skills platform is freely available on Brightspace for all 7000 students of the Faculty of Science. You can practice whenever you want with skills you encounter during your studies. Perhaps your teacher has already integrated the platform, but you’re also free to use it in other courses.

90 chapters – there is definitely something useful for you

The platform currently consists of more than 90 chapters, spread across 24 modules. Each chapter contains useful background information, a step-by-step approach and a checklist.

Students say:

'The templates allow you to apply what you have learned on the platform to your own assignments.’

‘The templates help you to get started with writing a new chapter or making an assignment.'

The explanations, examples and templates make it easy for you to get started. For example, download one of the handy templates to prepare assignments or meetings.

This is what your fellow students thought

Several students have already tested the platform during the first pilot studies. First- and third-year bachelor students of Biopharmaceutical Sciences and students of the Biology minor Molecular Biotechnology preceded you and were very enthusiastic about the platform.

Students say:

'Use it! Even if it's just for the examples. It helped me a lot!'

'I definitely recommend this to other students, especially the modules on writing and presenting.'

After the official launch of the platform, the skills team asked the first users for an evaluation. These students were also very positive. Students indicated:

  • That after the modules they felt more competent
  • That they found the modules more useful than expected
  • That they would recommend the platform to fellow students
  • That the information on the platform was easy to read and very relevant
  • That they will use the modules and templates in other courses as well

Questions about the platform? Or perhaps a good suggestion? Mail the creators via skills@science.leidenuniv.nl

Job Vacancy

Would you like to help with the development of the platform and the search for new examples? The skills team is looking for a student assistant (MSc level) to help them with this. Please contact them soon!

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