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Healthcare and insurances

Hopefully it won’t be necessary but should need to access healthcare during your studies, you can find all the necessary contact information here. Make sure you also have adequate health insurance. This is a legal requirement in the Netherlands. We also highly recommend that you take out liability insurance.

Important phone numbers

  • Emergency services (ambulance, police, fire service): call 112
  • Police but non-emergency: call 0900 8844


Make sure you are registered with a general practitioner (‘huisarts’ in Dutch) close to where you live during your studies. You need to be registered with a GP before you can make an appointment or request a referral to a specialist.

  • You can search for a doctor via Zorgkaart Nederland. The site is in Dutch but just select your town under ‘Plaats’ in the left-hand menu to see all GP practices in your area.  
  • In The Hague, students living in the central and railway stations area could consider registering with Biking+Doctors, The Student Doctors or Praktijk Shams. They have experience in assisting (international) students and are currently accepting new patients.

Contact the practice directly to ask how to register. 

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If you need urgent assistance from a GP outside office hours, you can contact the ‘out-of-hours doctor’s post (‘huisartsenpost’ in Dutch). By urgent is meant a serious medical issue for which treatment cannot be delayed.

Be aware that:

  • This service is strictly for urgent situations and costs more than a regular GP visit. Your health insurance will only reimburse you if it was indeed urgent.
  • When you call the out-of-hours doctor’s post, an assistant will ask you a number of questions to assess the urgency of the situation, decide whether a visit is necessary and tell you what time you should come. This initial telephone assessment is not free of charge.
  • If you have an European Health Insurance card (EHIC), remember to take it along with you.
  • You will be asked to pay for your visit. If you have an EHIC, you can request a reimbursement via this form. If you do not have an EHIC, ask your insurance provider how to request a reimbursement.

Hospitals in Leiden

Leiden University Medical Centre

Albinusdreef 2, Leiden 
071 526 9111 


Alrijne hospital
Multiple locations in and near Leiden


Hospitals in The Hague


Multiple locations in The Hague

Multiple locations in The Hague

Here below are the contact details of a number of useful services and organisations.

Find a dentist via tandarts.nl.
This is a Dutch website but you simply need to type Leiden or ‘den Haag’ (Dutch spelling) in the search field and you will be provided with addresses and telephone numbers of local dentists. The Dutch word for dentist is 'tandarts'.

Find a pharmacy via www.apotheek.nl.
This is a Dutch website but you simply need to type Leiden or Den Haag (Dutch spelling) in the search field and you will be provided with addresses and telephone numbers of local pharmacies. The Dutch word for pharmacy is 'apotheek'.

113 Suicide prevention
113 Suicide Prevention is the national Dutch suicide prevention centre. You can call them 24/7 via tel: 0800 0113 (from within the Netherlands), or chat onlineA team of fully-trained volunteers, psychologists and psychiatrists is always on hand to offer you confidential advice and support.

Aids STD Infoline
Aids Fonds
www.aidsfonds.nl (website in Dutch)
Tel: 0900 – 204 2040 

Addiction and mental health
Trimbos Institute (websites in Dutch)
Tel: 0900 – 1995 
Smoking info: 
Alcohol info: 
Drugs info: drugsinfo.nl

Walk-in Centre for Psychiatry
This is an independent, informal meeting place for people with psychiatric issues or concerns.
Hooigracht 12-14 
2312 KS  Leiden 
Tel: 071 5141808 
Tuesday till Saturday 19.30 - 22.30, Sundays 16.00 – 19.00

inloophuis-psychiatrie.nl (website in Dutch)

Korrelatie is a national organisation that offers anonymous, professional psychiatric and psychosocial support.
Tel: 0900 – 1450   

korrelatie.nl (website in Dutch)

Sexual discrimination, intimidation or assault 
Leiden University has a confidential counsellor on unacceptable behaviour who you can contact if you have been the victim of unacceptable behaviour on the part of a staff member or fellow student of Leiden University.

Have you been sexually assaulted or raped? Call the Sexual Assualt Center, where a team of professionals, including doctors, psychologists and police officers, is on hand to give you the care and help you need. Also see Leiden University’s Unacceptable behaviour page for further information on help and support.


All residents in the Netherlands must have adequate health insurance at all times. The type of policy you need depends on the coverage you require and whether you will work or do a paid internship during your studies. We also strongly recommend that you take out liability insurance.

For information on arranging health and liability insurance and the type of policy you need, visit the Prepare your stay website.

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