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Arts and leisure - Photography | Theater and presentation

Performative Photography (mix of photography & art performance)

Monday from 14:30-17:00 h

Yvette Teeuwen

For whom
For anyone who does not want to learn technical photography with a complex camera, but who enjoys making photography in a fun, intuitive way that involves the body with his/her own phone.
Minimum age: 18 years

'Performative photography is a form of photography that I developed as an art performer/visual artist and further developed by following workshops by international art performance teachers: a simple investigative photography method that very playfully uses the shape of the body to create an interesting to get a photo'

In the course you will look for a visual match between your body and an equal or contrasting shape of an object that hangs/stands/lies in space. We will also do this outside, with assignments in which the body is challenged (can be as simple or complicated as you want) to interact with typical architectural shapes such as a window, a curb, a whole, as a body shape or color. building, a trash can, a railing (see photo) or whatever catches the eye, in the street complex or around the Lipsius building: 'Artchitectonic Performative Photography'.
You don't have to be an art performer for this: anyone can do this. Through targeted assignments you will work from your own creativity and freedom, sometimes alone, sometimes in pairs. We also take a trip to making a short video action of 1 to a maximum of 3 minutes with your own mobile phone, from which we choose a video still as an independent final photo image.
Each lesson starts with an accessible meditative-physical chi-kung exercise (body and mind come to rest) to create new ideas from the body even more easily and relaxed.
In this course you will come into contact with: learning to play freely with form & body, you will learn to develop your sense of composition more strongly and to intensify originality. You become more aware of the use of image aspects such as color effect, perspective, point of view, light-dark contrast, reflective effects, rhythm, repetition, etc.
By strongly involving the body, your photo art becomes more personal and your photographed subjects/themes/fascinations get much more charisma.
Individuality, Experiment and Unity are given a lot of space in this ultra-contemporary photographic course!
This course is intended for you to enjoy creativity & fun photography AND is very suitable for taking a more technical photography course before or after.

Max. participants: 10

Yvette Teeuwen graduated as a (multidisciplinary) Visual Artist at the Royal Art Academy of The Hague. After graduating she started immediately as an independent artist, her visual arts began to emerge develop and exhibit frequently at home and abroad (such as in Amsterdam, Dordrecht, Tilburg, Rotterdam and The Hague, and
abroad in Finland, Germany, Belgium and Portugal, among others).
Her art is inter-multi-disciplinary in nature and in recent years has become more so
emphasis will be placed on performative photography, live art performance and
video performance art. Many of her video performances have been shown
during international festivals in India, Mexico, Chile, Philadelphia/US, Brazil, Argentina and more.
In addition to her art (23 years of experience), she has been teaching for 15 years as a museum teacher at the Kunstmuseum Den Haag, occasionally also at the Fotomuseum Den Haag, and she has also given various own workshops in, among other things, intuitive drawing and painting, performance art, photographic-interdisciplinary-workshops, spoken word, etc., to various ages and in various locations.
In her spare time, she has been training privately with various teachers in Taoist Chi-kung for 23 years. She uses a number of basic exercises at the start of each lesson so that everyone can enjoy the lesson openly and relaxed.
Her strength lies in playfully inviting people to experiment, using your feelings & intuition, and following (innovative) impulses. She knows how to create a nice, safe atmosphere in which you can naturally follow and shape the individuality of your creativity. Due to the unique combination of her experiences in art, meditation and Chi Kung, each course has a light mindfulness content that offers the participant points of departure to soften your inner critic that can sometimes get in the way of a creative process.

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