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Astronomy Pre-Master's programme

You’re about to start your Astronomy Pre-Master's programme in Leiden. Make sure you are well prepared and get your studies off to a good start!

For a successful start of your Astronomy Pre-Master's programme, please carefully read all information below. Please note that this page is only intended for (prospective) students who have already been admitted to the Astronomy Pre-Master's programme by the Astronomy Board of Admissions.

Enrollment in Pre-Master

  1. Go to Studielink and choose the full-time Astronomy bachelor's programme (WO bachelor Sterrenkunde).
  2. In the field Start as select Advanced-year.
  3. Answer all subsequent institutional questions.
  4. Submit your Post-first-year Application and select Follow a premaster or conversion programme
  5. In the box, fill in Astronomy Pre-Master.
  6. Submit your application to the Astronomy Pre-Master programme.

If you encounter any problems in the procedure above, please contact Student Affairs Front Office.

The cost for the Astronomy pre-master’s programme depends on the number of EC included in your individual programme. The statutory tuition fee for bachelor's programmes holds for a pre-master's programme exceeding 45 EC. For pre-master's programmes under 45 EC, you will pay a proportional tuition fee per EC. The Astronomy pre-master’s programme can never exceed 60 EC.


Based on your individual Astronomy Pre-Master's programme, check the Prospectus for the relevant course descriptions. Pay special attention to the admission requirements listed for each course. If you feel you don't meet these requirements, please contact the Astronomy study advisor in advance.

In the course descriptions in the Prospectus, you can find the books required for each course. Study association De Leidsche Flesch arranges the book sales for the Astronomy bachelor's and master's programmes. Click here for more information on book sales.

Consult the Astronomy bachelor's schedule to find out when and where to follow your first courses. The Astronomy Pre-Master's programme usually contains courses from various years in the Astronomy bachelor's programme. Therefore, it is important to check the corresponding different schedules and check for any potential overlap in your schedule.

Getting started

Based on your individual Astronomy Pre-Master's programme and the Astronomy bachelor's schedule, prepare your personal time schedule. Keep track of any changes to the Astronomy bachelor's schedule by checking it once again before you make your schedule.

In the month preceding the academic year in which you start your Astronomy Pre-Master's programme, the Astronomy study coordinator will invite you for an intake meeting with the Astronomy study advisor. As a preparation to this meeting, make sure you have done all of the steps above.

Based on your personal schedule, enroll for your first courses in Brightspace and for your first exams in the uSis system at least ten days before the exam date. Click here for instructions.

Make sure to attend the Astronomy Master's Introduction Meeting in the first week of September. Consult the Astronomy master's schedule to find out when this meeting is planned. As an Astronomy Pre-Master's student you are in between the Astronomy bachelor's and master's programmes. This meeting is very useful as it combines informative, practical and social elements to get you on board and to get to know the Education Office Astronomy and fellow Astronomy Pre-Master's students.

Practical matters

The education administration for the Astronomy master's programme is managed by the Education Office Astronomy. For practical study-related information (schedules, student communication, registration, etc.) please contact the Astronomy bachelor's programme coordinator at eduster@strw.leidenuniv.nl or the Astronomy master's programme coordinator at masters@strw.leidenuniv.nl. For issues concerning the contents of your study programme as well as for personal issues which impact your study programme, contact the Astronomy study advisor.

Leiden Observatory offers dedicated ICT services used by Astronomy students. Click here for more information about email, network, hardware, software and helpdesk contact details.

An overview of all Leiden Observatory employees can be found on the institute website. If you already have a name and are looking for specific contact or other details, you can:

Research and education

Leiden Observatory includes a research institute and the education programme. The school of Leiden Observatory is the university structure responsible for the Astronomy bachelor’s and master’s education programmes. There is complete overlap between the staff of both entities. Both are part of the Faculty of Science, one of the seven faculties of Leiden University. 


Various education-related committies are in place for the Astronomy education programme. More information and memberships of the Education Committee, Board of Examiners, Board of Admissions and Public Relations Committee can be found on the page University & faculty councils and programme bodies.


Leiden Observatory is located in the Oort building at the Leiden Bioscience Park. Click here for a map and directions.

Following the Astronomy Pre-Master's programme

While following your Astronomy Pre-Master's programme, schedule regular progress meetings with the Astronomy study advisor. Make sure to schedule a meeting at least once every semester.

Upon successful completion of the Astronomy Pre-Master’s programme within the deadline imposed by the Board of Admissions, you can be admitted to the Astronomy master’s programme. To do this, please apply for the Astronomy master's programme of your choice and upload your proof of completing the Astronomy Pre-Master’s programme. If  you have any questions, please contact the Astronomy study advisor or Astronomy programme coordinator.

Radio telescopes in the Atacama Desert in Chile with the Milky Way in the background.
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