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Infrastructure and the Port City of Takoradi

We are offering Policy in Practice opportunities for fieldwork in Ghana as collaborating researchers of the LDE Centre for PortCityFutures.

New dynamics and societal challenges for this portcity region

We have set up research in and near the portcity of Sekondi/Takoradi. In the 1920’s Takoradi became the major port of Ghana, serving as (colonial) export hub for minerals (gold, bauxite, manganese), timber and cocoa from hinterlands. Recent developments in offshore oil and the revival of the railway project linking the port to extractive regions create new dynamics and societal challenges for this portcity region.

How infrastructure features in debates on development

Our research group, which includes partners in Ghana and colleagues from TU Delft and ERASMUS University in Rotterdam, is interested in temporal dynamics in the design, and construction of infrastructures as well as their benefits and burdens for different groups of citizens. We ask how infrastructure features in current debates on ‘development’ and promises of futures, but also how they are contested. We want to trace the chains of activities from making masterplans to micro terrains where infrastructure is built and confronted by other land users (e.g. farmers, urban residents and small-scale gold miners). Our goal is to understand the in situ social dynamics around harbor and coastal infrastructure, and along the tracks of the railway.

Workshop with participants from the University of Ghana

Later in January 2024, the research group organizes a workshop in Takoradi supported by LDE (Leiden Delft Erasmus) with participants from the University of Ghana, The School of Railways and Infrastructure Development and societal and professional stakeholders. Our MA students will participate in this methodological workshop and will present their research proposal.

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