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Study choice

Are you not sure whether you have chosen the right study programme? Are you finding it hard to decide which study programme to do next? The advisers at Leiden University’s Career Services are on hand to offer help and advice.

If your studies are not progressing as you’d hoped or if you risk being issued with negative BSA, you must always speak first to your study adviser! Your next step might be to look into alternative study programmes with the help of a study choice adviser at the Career Services.

Choosing a study programme

There are a number of steps you can take yourself to look for the right study programme. Take a look on the LU Career Zone-Study choices page for information, tips and possible pitfalls.

Study choice tests

The Career Services offer a range of tests to help you with your choices. You can find these on the LU Career Zone-Know yourself page.


On the choosing your bachelor website you can find detailed information to help you choose the right bachelor’s at Leiden University. 

Doing a Master’s

Obtaining a master’s degree can be seen as the culmination of your university career. With a master’s degree, you have a greater chance of getting a higher-level (first) job than you would with a bachelor’s degree. Although this of course depends on the rest of your CV.

Finding it difficult to choose your master’s programme? Take a look on the LU Career Zone-Choosing a master’s page

Other options after your bachelor’s

If you don’t want to start a master’s after completing your bachelor’s, there are a range of options open to you. One of them might be looking for a job. This could represent the end of your academic career or just a break before continuing onto a master’s.

Take a look on the LU Career Zone-Other choices after bachelor page for advice. 

After your Master's

After obtaining your master’s degree you are ready for that first job. Take a look on the LU Career Zone-Explore the labour market page for tips and advice.  

Speak to a study choice adviser

Would you like further advice on study choices? Get in touch with your faculty’s Career Services and schedule an appointment with a study choice adviser.  

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