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Course and exam enrolment

You can enrol via uSis for lectures, seminars, exams, papers, assignments and presentations. Enrolment procedures for certain activities can vary from programme to programme. In some cases you may have to enrol via the education administration office instead.

If you have questions about uSis please consult the FAQ first. 

Questions should be addressed to your education administration office

Course and exam enrolment

If you want to take a certain subject and / or examination (including re-sits), you have to register via uSis in a classnumber. Mostly this classnumber refers to an EXAMINATION, but you are kindly asked to enroll as soon as you plan to follow a course. Then the coordinator can use the list of enrolled students as an indication of the number of students that can be expected in the group. Find the numbers you need by choosing your Bsc of Msc programme in the menu below or by the TAB that indicates the study programme. To change the study programme, fill in your choice on the upper right hand side of the screen.

The classnumbers for YEAR 2017-2018 are not yet all defined. In the link below (Classnumbers 17-18) we will show the numbers that are already available. The information will be updated as soon as more information is available.

Useful tips:

Classnumbers Bachelor Programmes 2017-2018


Astronomy - check the Exam Schedule on the Astronomy information page 

Bio-pharmaceutical Sciences -  year 1   /  year 2  /    year 3

Biology - the information is available via the E-guide (right hand side - check the 'usiscodelijst')

Computer Science (21-12-2017)

Computer Science and Biology (17-10-2017)

Computer Science and Economics (21-12-2017)

Mathematics (11-1-2018)

Molecular Science and Technology (30-8-2017)

Physics: - check the Exam Schedule on the Physics information page


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Classnumbers Master Programmes 2017-2018

Choose the programme you want to select a course from:
NOTE: If you want to select a bachelor course, check the Section “Bachelor Programmes”

Astronomy 2017-2018  - check the Astronomy Information pages

For now you can find the Astronomy-Physics classnumbers here

Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences 2017-2018  (12-1-2018)
BPS - Research Projects (20-9-2017)

Biology - 2017-2018

the information is  available via the E-guide (right hand side - check 'Registration in uSis and Codes')

Computer Science 2017-2018  - 21 November 2017

Chemistry and LST 2017-2018  - 10 January 2018

ICT in Business and the Public Sector 2017-2018    9-1-2018

>>post-Experience (evening classes)

ICT in Business, specialisation Post Experience  - 

Industrial Ecology 2017-2018 - 4-9-2017
check the links on the right hand side of the IE-page

Media Technology 2017-2018  - 31-10-2017

Mathematics 2017-2018  - 27-11-2017

Statistical Science for the Life and Behavioural Sciences 2017-2018  10-12-2017

Physics 2017-2018 - Check the Physics Information Pages For now you can find the Astronomy-Physics classnumbers here

Specialisation Science Communication and Society

The SCS specialisation programme comprises a number of courses. Find HERE the classnumbers you need to enroll for the examination of grade-registration.

Specialisation Science Based Business

Find HERE the classnumbers you need to enroll for the examination of grade-registration.


Any questions about the contents of studies in the next year? Please check the E-study guide first and then the website of your study program. Finally contact your study advisor.

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Minors 2017 - 2018

The information about the minors is available on the Minor- website of Leiden University.

The 'Science' minors are:

Advanced Life Science and Technology

You should register in the system of the Delft University (Osiris). A link to that system is in the document.

Biodiversity and Natural Environment 4000MBDNEN
Data Science  4000MDASCN
Computational Approaches to Disease, Signaling and Drug Targets 4000MCOADN
Human Evolution 4000MHUEVN
Modern Drug Discovery 4000MMODDN
Molecular Biotechnology 4000MMBION
Quantitative Biology 4000MQBION
Science and Research-Based Business 4000MSRBBN
Sustainable Development 4000MDONTN
Geo-Resources for the Future (Delft TA-MI-192-17) 4000MGEORN


After you are admitted to a minor you should enroll for the examinations of the courses in the minor. If the classnumbers are available, the name is marked as a hyperlink.

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Honours College Beta and Life Sciences 2017-2018


Classnumbers 2017-2018 (28-8-2017)

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Courses offered by the Faculty of Science

Every year a number of courses are not offered by a specific institute or study but by the Faculty of Science

In 2016-2017 the following courses are on offer:

For Bachelor (and sometimes Master students)

  • Complex Networks
  • Keerpunten in de geschiedenis van de natuurwetenschappen
  • On being a scientist

For Master students

  • Science and the Public
  • Science Methodology

Class numbers to sign up in uSis (18 September 2017).

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Transcript of Records

If you need an authenticated Transcript of Records (NL: cijferlijst) from the Graduate School Office (Educatief Centrum), you can send an email to Transcript@science.leidenuniv.nl. Mention your studyprogramme in the subject-line and give the information that is asked for in the mail.

Please allow at least two days for processing your request.

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Questions on uSis topics

Unable to logon to uSis? Here you can find more information on you ULCN account.

For other questions, mail your question to usis-fwn@science.leidenuniv.nl, quoting your name, student number and degree programme.

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Course and exam enrolment

You can sign up for courses through uSis, at least ten days before the exam date. You always have to sign up separately for retakes. The Bachelor Research Project also requires enrolment (see below for more information).


Follow the steps below to sign up for courses and exams:

  1. Login at uSis with your Blackboard account
  2. Click on 'Main Menu' and go to 'Self Service'
  3. Click on 'Student Center'
  4. Click on 'Enrol'
  5. Enrol in one of the following ways:

Enrol by searching the course

  1. Click on 'Enrol by searching the course'
  2. Select the relevant academic year and click on 'Continue'
  3. Fill in the fields and click on 'Search'
  4. Courses matching your search will appear below the search field.
  5. Select the course you want to sign up for. Take notice of the column ‘Description’, that indicates whether the course is an exam or a retake. Click on ‘To shopping cart’.
  6. The course can now be found under ‘Shopping cart’. Go to this page and select the course. Click on ‘Enrol’

Enrol by entering the class number

  1. Click on 'Enrol by entering the class number'
  2. Enter the class number of the study activity as listed in the 'Sign up' column of the last page of the Astronomy master's schedule. Click on ‘Continue’
  3. The course can now be found under ‘Shopping cart’. Go to this page and select the course. Click on ‘Enrol’

More information

When you encounter difficulties enrolling in a course, send an email to usis-fwn@science.leidenuniv.nl. Make sure to include your student number, study, the course you want to enrol in and a description of the problem.