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Study associations

A study association is a good way to combine study-related activities with pleasure. Every faculty has one or more study association.

Many study programmes have their own study association. For more information take a look under the faculty tab, or speak to the administration of your study programme. 

Study associations are for students from a particular degree programme and focus on the academic aspects of student life. Students who are members of a Study Asociation support each other during their study period at Leiden, and organise course-related activities, such as lectures, seminars, field trips or excursions. 

English-language study associations

Albion Association 
English language and culture
Contact: albionesque@gmail.com
Visit the website
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Urban Studies
Contact: astus.thehague@gmail.com
Visit the website 

International Studies 
Contact: info@basisthehague.nl
Visit the website

Leiden ISSA
MA International Studies
Visit the website

BA Art History and Arts, Media and Society, MA Arts and Culture
Contact: post@delkv.nl
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L.S.A Mugusa
African Studies
Contact: mugusaleiden@gmail.com
Visit the website
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L.S.V. Sheherazade
Middle East and Islamic Studies
Contact: sheherazadeleiden@gmail.com
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MSVL Floris V
MA History: Europe 1000-1800
Contact: bestuur.msvlflorisv@gmail.com 
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South and Southeast Asian Studies
Contact: siitaa.unileiden@gmail.com 

S.V. A.S.I.A
Asian Studies and ResMA Asian Studies
Contact: asialeiden@gmail.com

Contact: bestuur.symposion@gmail.com

Visit the website

Join the Humanities Buddy Programme!

Are you a new master's student at Leiden University? Join the Humanities Buddy Programme! You will be matched to a buddy who can help you out with your academic and practical questions. Additionally you will be able to attend fun monthly activities and make friends from all over the world. Already a master's student at Leiden University? Join us and become a buddy instead.

Interested? Read more about the Humanities Buddy programme on the website.


De L.K.V. (de Leidse Kunsthistorische Vereniging) is the study association for Art History, Arts, Media and Society and Arts and Culture students. De L.K.V. organizes multiple art-related excursions per month, travels, monthly drinks, and other activities like a gala or a movie-night. We have a great mix of activities about art, culture, and media.

De L.K.V. is bilingual which means we welcome both Dutch students as well as International students. Most activities are in English, but de L.K.V. is a great way to get a bit closer to Dutch culture as well. Next to organizing activities, de L.K.V. also offers a nice community of friendly people that welcome you with open arms!

De L.K.V is student-based, which means the association and the committees are for the students, by the students. This creates an informal and friendly atmosphere to have fun, learn and meet new people at the same time.

Want to become a member or do you have a specific question?

E-mail de L.K.V. at post@delkv.nl

Want to get an impression about de L.K.V.?

Check out the website (www.delkv.nl), Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/de.lkv/) and Facebook page (de L.K.V.)

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