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Confidential counsellors

If you are the victim of unacceptable behaviour (such as sexual harassment, aggression, violence or discrimination), or suspect malpractice or an infringement of academic integrity, you can turn to one of the confidential counsellors.

Each confidential counsellor can offer assistance and, if required, refer you to the person best suited to answer your question.

Confidential counsellor on unacceptable behaviour

Together with the confidential counsellor you will discuss the problem and look for possible solutions. It is also possible to submit a complaint to the complaints committee set up for this purpose. Measures can be taken against the accused through the Complaints Procedure for Unacceptable Behaviour.

What the confidential counsellor can do

The confidential counsellor:

  • provides information on unacceptable behaviour
  • guides the complainant and provides him or her with advice
  • tries to find a solution for the problem through mediation and/or to end the unacceptable behaviour
  • supports the complainant in the process of submitting a complaint to the Complaints Committee
  • provides follow-up care

Confidential counsellor

Marieke Brunings
Tel: 06 5265 8853 (weekdays between 9:00 and 17:00)
Email: mbrunings@winstonpartners.nl

Or call the general number of Winston & Partners: 071 513 2493, and ask for Leiden University's confidential counsellors. 

Confidential counsellor on academic integrity

The confidential counsellor on academic integrity is your first point of contact if you have doubts about the academic integrity of a staff member or PhD candidate at Leiden University and need information or advice. 

As a student you are also bound by the principles of academic integrity, for example when writing a paper or thesis. There are strict rules concerning plagiarism and fraud stated in your study programme's Education and Examination Regulations. For further information, or if you suspect a fellow student of violating the principles of academic integrity, you should contact your Study Adviser/Coordinator or the ombuds officer

Confidential counsellor for malpractice

If you suspect that malpractice is taking place within your study programme, you can report it to the programme director. If you prefer not to do so, you can instead contact the confidential counsellor for malpractice.

Confidential counsellor for malpractice
Gert de Boer
Tel: 06 510 663 29
E-mail: info@8hoog.nl

What does the confidential counsellor do?
The confidential counsellor for malpractice can advise you on how to draw attention to the issue, and refer you to other parties if required. He can also register your complaint with the Committee on Whistleblowing. You are guaranteed complete anonymity, unless you give express permission for your name to be disclosed. The Committee on Whistleblowing will then investigate the complaint and issue a report to the Executive Board.

Read more about reporting malpractice

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