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Student Affairs Front Office

If you have a general question about studying at Leiden University the staff of the Student Affairs Front Office would be happy to help. They can provide information on a wide range of subjects.

Request for proof of tuition fee payment: not via telephone

You can't request proof of tuition fee payment (Bewijs Betaald Collegegeld: BBC) via telephone. Please use the contact form instead.

You can contact the Student Affairs Front Office with questions about:  

  • student (re) registration and de-registration;
  • registering as a guest, auditing or external student;
  • tuition fees and other financial matters;
  • student cards and LU-cards;
  • ULCN accounts and log-in details;
  • completing forms (for example student travel pass forms);
  • application and admission to Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes;
  • the colloquium doctum admission procedure;
  • diploma verification and checks;
  • requesting proof of tuition fee payment (bewijs betaald collegegeld);
  • payment of tuition fees by debit card.

If you have a question about your study programme, for example scheduling, grades or diplomas, please instead contact your programme’s education administration office.

If you are looking for the contact details of a Leiden University staff member or department please instead call our switchboard on 071 - 527 27 27.

Student Information Desk

You can find the Student Information Desk Humanities in the main hall (ground floor) of the Lipsius building. This is where you can go with questions about:

For questions you can also phone and email us:

Phone: 071-527 6485

E-mail: studiepunt@hum.leidenuniv.nl

Do you have questions about registration/de-registration, the LU-Card, your ULCN account, forms (for example the public transportation form), proof of registration/proof of payment of tuition fees or other financial matters? Please contact the Student Affairs Front Office.

Questions about application for (research) master's programmes

The Faculty Admissions Office is part of the Study Information Desk, you can contact it for questions on the application procedures for the (research) master's programmes. Also take a look at the masters website. Here, you can find many answers to possible questions.

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