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Gaining research experience

Gaining research experience is an essential part of any academic study programme. There are various ways in which you can gain research experience.

You can, for example, undertake a research internship with a company or institution, or carry out research on behalf of Leiden University. Talk to your  Study Adviser about the options available within your programme.

Research Centre and Research Clinics

The Research Centre works towards stimulating student and staff research at LUC. The Centre amongst other things coordinates Research Clinics. These clinics introduce students to academic research, from start to finish, by engaging them in ongoing research projects of LUC staff members. Students are invited to participate in the various stages of a project, from the set-up or the application for research grants, over the gathering of data and the drafting of findings, to the final polishing of a text and preparing it for publication. Students can receive 5EC for a research clinic; the grade is pass or fail. You can only take one research clinic.

The Research Centre organises lectures by academics and professionals from the field throughout the year, often in cooperation with Studium Generale. Please see posters and facebook posts for the programme. The Centre is headed by two Co-Directors who are supported by a student-assistant. You can contact the Research Centre at researchcentre@luc.leidenuniv.nl

Shortly we will publish some examples of research projects students have carried out.


The Capstone (bachelor’s thesis) is the final assessment of LUC’s academic programme. Research and writing are overseen by the supervisor. The final product is assessed by both supervisor and reader, one of whom should be based at LUC. The overall management of the Capstone process is in the hands of the Capstone Coordinator.                                         

For more information, please visit the 'Thesis and paper writing' page.

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