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Arranging graduation

You're about to graduate. That means there’s a lot to be arranged. The university expects you to take certain steps, as does your faculty and/or institute. Your faculty has various regulations and procedures in place that you need to follow carefully when arranging your graduation.

Steps towards graduation

Graduation means there’s a lot to be arranged. Below you will find a general overview of the steps to be taken. Make sure to first read the information provided by your faculty and department, as regulations and procedures can vary.

  1. You receive the final grade needed to fulfil your examination requirements.
  2. You request graduation: look under the faculty/study programme tab to find out exactly what steps your programme requires you to take to arrange graduation. You may receive a message from uSis entitled ‘You can graduate’. This message will explain the options available if you wish to delay graduation.
  3. Your student registration will not automatically be cancelled when you graduate. You have to cancel your registration yourself via Studielink. However de-registration is not compulsory if you have a reason for not wishing to do so. Make sure to carefully read the information on de-registering or re-registering.

Requesting postponement of graduation

If you receive a message from uSis entitled ‘You can graduate’, but you don’t yet want to graduate because you are taking additional courses or an internship that you want to be mentioned on your final transcript, you can request postponement of graduation. Look under your faculty or study programme tab for more information.

Conditions of postponement

The maximum duration of postponement you can request is until you have been registered on your study programme for the official programme duration plus one additional year. For Bachelor’s programmes this is 3+1 years, for most Master’s programmes this is 1+1 year. If you are more than a year behind in your studies your request will not be granted.

Official regulations on postponing graduation

The regulations and agreements concerning the postponement of graduation have been laid down by Leiden University Executive Board in the Leiden University Regulations on Postponing Graduation.

Apply for graduation

As soon as you have concluded all your courses and thesis, you will need to apply for graduation to hand in your application form. You will not be able to graduate without your official request.
It is not possible to apply for graduation in uSis only.

You can send your graduation form by e-mail to OIC@law.leidenuniv.nl at the latest on the last working day of the month, before 12:30 hours. The last working day of the month will be your official examination date.

We will only process your application after:

  • You filled out the form (both sides)
  • All of your grades are published in uSis
  • You attached a scan of your passport of ID 
  • You stated clearly whether you wish to attend the ceremony
  • Your telephone number and e-mail address are stated on the form

Furthermore, you need to be registered as a student and have paid all your fees in the month that you apply for graduation.

Beware: if you forget to apply for graduation in August, you will have to be registered and pay tuition fee for the next academic year. 

After receiving the form we will send you a confirmation and information about the graduation eremony. You can find more information on the website Awarding of diploma, click on the Law tab.


Please do not forget to de-register yourself. For most programmes, cancellations or changes of registration must be done through Studielink.

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