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Welcome to Leiden University

You’re about to start your studies in Leiden or The Hague. Make sure you are well prepared and get your studies off to a good start!

Welcome to Leiden

Practical matters

You can find a wide range of practical information about your study programme here on the student website. From academic and administrative matters, to advisory services and social activities. To get the most out of the website, first read the guide to Finding your way around the student website


Sign up for an introduction programme! It’s the best way to get to know the city, student life and your fellow students.

  • EL CID (Enige Leidse Committee Introduction Days)
    The EL CID week is the introduction week for all first-year students in Leiden. Read more about the EL CID.
  • HOP  (The Hague Orientation Programme)
    The HOP week is the introduction programme for Bachelor and Master students (also international) in the Hague. Read more about the HOP.
  • OWL (Orientation Week Leiden)
    The OWL is the introduction week for international students. Read more about the OWL.
  • Get started on your future
    Get started on your future is a programme intended to give students, who are the first in their families to go to university, with a clear picture of what it’s like to study at Leiden University. Read more about the programme (in Dutch)
  • Study programme introductions
    Most study programmes have their own introduction activities. Depending on the faculty you’ll receive more information by email or by post. Also take a look under your faculty or study programme tab.


By joining an association you’ll meet a wide range of people and get more out of your time as a student. As well as student and study association, Leiden and The Hague also have many other social associations, for example sports, religious and cultural associations. Read more about associations.

Affordable sport

As a Leiden University student you can take part in a wide range of sports, for an affordable price, at the University Sports Centre. Read more about the University Sports Centre.

The start of your International Bachelor in Psychology


Your IBP study has started! We are very pleased that you have chosen Psychology in Leiden.

Your first days

During the mandatory September 3, 2018 - Introduction Day you followed your first work group and your first lecture. On Tuesday September, 4 the study advisors gave you a lot of practical information. Here you can find the presentations of the first work group and of the information session with your study advisors:

Presentation 3rd of September about digital tools

Presentation 4th of September about studying in a academic context by study advisors

Start preparing!

For international students coming to Leiden takes lots of preparation. On this page you will find all the information you need to have a good start in the IBP programme.

First of all, for all international students, this information is indispensable:

  • For a list of things to take care of before you leave, please carefully read our Prepare for your Stay website.
  • Notice: we are organising a service in August where practical matters like residence permit procedures (if applicable), town hall registration, health insurance arrangements, opening a bank account can be arranged all at once! Read more on this warm welcome service.
  • Here you will find tips on room search, student card and more.
Advice from 1st year IBP student Juri: "Start looking for a flat early. The first few months I stayed in a caravan, because I was late with my search and rooms are scarce. It got very cold in winter. There is a lot on your mind as you start studying, so it really helps if you already have a place to stay.”

Psychology books

The books you will be using in the first 'block'  (September --- October) can be ordered from the webstore of Labyrint, our Study Association. You receive a discount on books if you become a member of Labyrint. 

  • Gray, P. & Bjorklund, D.F. (2018), Psychology (8th ed.). New York: Worth Publishers. ISBN-10: 1-319-15051-9. ISBN-13: 978-1-319-15051-8.
  • Leary, M.L. (2012) Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods (6th edition). Boston: Pearson. (Ch. 1-7, 9, 10, 13, and 14) ISBN 978-1-29202-027-3
  • Howell, D.C. (2014). Statistical Methods for Psychology (Leiden edition). Wadsworth: Cengage Learning. (Ch. 1-3, and 9) ISBN 978-1-4737-2028-2
  • Pallant, J. (2016). SPSS Survival Manual (6th edition). Berkshire: McGraw-Hill. (Ch. 1-8 and 11) ISBN 978-0-03352-6154-3
  • R. E. Fancher and A. Rutherford (2012). Pioneers of Psychology. New York: Norton. ISBN 978-0-393-93530-1 (pbk)/ ISBN 978-0-393-91337-8


For Block I courses at the end of August, use your Leiden University Community Network (ULCN)-account to order readers. Make sure to arrange this before the Block begins.

Useful apps and websites

Our ICT services, including the Leiden University App, help to make studying easier. In the app you will find all kinds of services, which you can start using once you received a ULCN account. Click on the tabs to read more about these ICT services:

As a student of Leiden University you will receive an uMail address, where you can log in with your ULCN account. All correspondence from the university will be sent via uMail. Make sure to check it regularly, so you stay informed. Tip: You can forward the mails to your private email address.

The overview of lectures, work groups and examinations can be found in Schedule overviews. Note that you will be placed in work group section for each course in late August. Curious when holidays and exams will be? We made a special Psychology calendar (2018-2019).

Details about courses you will take, can be found in the e-Prospectus. For a more general overview, you can check the IBP programme schedule.

Students register for courses and examinations via uSis. In the first year we will register you in the lectures and work groups. Starting in September your personal study schedule will be visible in uSis. From October on you can register for exams. Do you want to see how that works? Then watch this video about exam registration in uSis.

We use offline and online forms of education. Our online learning environment is Blackboard. Here, instructors place additional information about their course. You do not have to do anything with this before September 3rd; we do the registration for the Blackboard module of each Block I course. To get an idea how it works, watch this video about Blackboard.

An advice from 1st year student Robin: "Try to maintain an open attitude towards new situations, within your studies, but also in your social life. "

More information?

Do you have more questions? Here are some more sources of information:

  • The handy welcome booklet. This contains everything you need to know for a good start to your studies. You will receive a paper copy of the booklet at the Master Registration Day on August 30, 2018, but you can start reading the pdf.-version. 
  • The IBP student ambassador. With pressing questions about studying and student life, you can email Juri.
  • The IBP study advisors. For questions about your study, you can contact our Study Advisors.

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