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Internships, research and fieldwork

Each faculty and some study programmes have their own guidelines and procedures for internships, research and fieldwork abroad. Take a look under your faculty and programme tab for more information, or speak to your faculty international exchange coordinator.


Student Research Mobility Programme

If you want to do research abroad, you could consider the STREAM (Student Research Mobility) programme. This is an exchange programme between Leiden University and six other LERU universities (League of European Research Universities).

Negative travel advice? Check your destination

You may not go on exchange in a country for which negative travel advice has been issued. Check here if your destination is safe. This webpage is in Dutch, but by entering the country name (Dutch spelling) you can view the safety status on a map. If your destination is red or orange, you may not go there.

More information

Read more about internships, research and fieldwork abroad.

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Internship, research and fieldwork

During your master’s degree, you can do your internship and/or your thesis abroad. 

Arrange it yourself

In consultation with your internship or thesis supervisor, you will need to arrange the following:

  • a location for your internship or thesis
  • approval from your master’s programme
  • suitable supervision (abroad)

Step-by-step plan

  1. Find a location for your internship or thesis abroad with help from your internship or thesis supervisor.
  2. Ensure that you have a local supervisor for the duration of your internship or research abroad, who agrees to supervise your work.
  3. Request approval for your internship or thesis research  abroad from the internship or thesis supervisor for your master’s specialisation.
  4. Discuss with all relevant parties what is expected from you and how many credits you will be awarded on your return. In case of an internship, you should also make sure that you know whether the host organisation will insure you, or whether you need to arrange this for yourself.
  5. Notify the international exchange coordinator of your study abroad period by sending a Responsibility Agreement to exchange@fsw.leidenuniv.nl. This must be signed by your internship or thesis supervisor.
  6. Apply for a grant in good time. The international exchange coordinator can sign a grant agreement and a learning agreement for you, but only if your study abroad has been approved by your internship or thesis supervisor. It is important, therefore, that you have had the Responsibility Agreement (step 5) signed by your supervisor.
  7. Make sure to attend an information session on health and safety abroad. You can register for a session under Health and Safety. During this meeting you’ll receive tips on how to prepare your stay and to travel safely. The meetings are organized on a monthly basis and must be attended before departure.
  8. On your return, the grades and credits you have earned abroad will be processed by the internship or thesis supervisor from your master’s specialisation.

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