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Course and exam enrolment

You can enrol for courses and exams via uSis or your faculty's education administration office.

Take a look under your faculty or study programme tab for further information. If you have any questions, please contact your education administration office


Do you have a question about uSis? If so, please consult our FAQs or send a mail to the uSis web editors

Bachelor and Master students must register in uSis for courses. Attendance is only mandatory for first-year courses, unless otherwise stated in the course description. All programme schedules can be found in uSis.

Note: Students of LLM Advanced study programmes are not required to register for courses or exams in uSis.

Registration for seminars (workgroups) and lectures

You can register in uSis 28 days before the start of the course. Only after registration it will show on your calender in uSis.

Note: you have access right to register for only the courses of the master’s programme for which you have been admitted and registered.
Registration for these is through uSis.

  1. Log in to uSis, click on ‘Enroll’ and next on ‘Enroll by entering the class number’;
  2. Check the workgroup schedule to find the class number and/or  the lecture schedule to find the activity number;
  3. Enter the ‘Class/act.nr.’ in uSis;
  4. Complete your registration via your shopping cart;
  5. A seminar will close automatically when it’s full and 4 days before it starts;
  6. Registration for a lecture remains possible during the entire lecture period;
  7. Always check your schedule in uSis to see whether your application has been successful!

Exam registration

Exams are listed alphabetically by course name in the examination schedule. The reference ‘T’ means Exam 1st time (in Dutch Tentamen) and the reference ‘H’ means Resit (in Dutch Hertentamen). 

Registering for exams (and retakes) in uSis
Exams are open 42 days before the examination date and close 10 days before the examination date. Registration for these is through uSis .

  1. Check the registration period on the exam calendar‘tentamenkalender’ and register on time!
  2. Log in to uSis, click on ‘Enroll’ and next on ‘Enroll by entering the class number’;
  3. You can find the activity number ‘Actnr’ in the exam calendar mentioned in front of the registration period / ‘aanmeldperiode’;
  4. Enter the ‘Actnr’ in uSis;
  5. Complete your registration via your shopping cart;
  6. Always check your schedule in uSis to see whether your application has been successful!
  7. Should you decide not to participate please deregister for the exam via uSis;
  8. It is mandatory to bring your student card and a valid passport or ID to the exam for verification.

Important: check the rules and regulations on exams regularly.For more information see uSis and the uMail manual.

It is mandatory to provide a valid identification document during the examination. In addition, there are rules regarding the materials that you can take with you to the exam.

Valid ID during an exam

The presence is registered at the exam. The following matters are required for this identification and thus participation at the exam:

  • student card / proof of enrollment at the University and
  • a valid ID. Please note: a copy, whether or not via a mobile or an expired ID is not accepted.

A valid ID is a valid passport, a valid driving license or identity card. If you can not show a valid identity document as mentioned above, you can not take the exam and you must leave the examination room. If your identity card has been stolen or lost, please come to the OIC desk during opening hours as soon as possible, but no later than one working day before the exam.

Exam equipment

  • pen, pencil type B or HB black, sharpener and eraser;
  • law books (if necessary and permitted).

Information about study materials that may or may not be brought to examinations and information about lectures and exam access will be published in the workbook of the relevant course and / or on Blackboard. If it is permitted to take material to the exam, it must meet the following requirements:

Brought in legal texts or other material may not contain any notes. Notes do not include:

  • underlining, shadings and markings with fluorescent marker;
  • references to law articles;
  • references to jurisprudence and other literature, provided this is explicitly permitted for a specific examination;
  • "edge"words provided by the publisher of a legislative bundle.

Of course it is forbidden to smoke, to use mobile phones / iPads / tablets and such during exams.

You are entitled to an earlier individual retake examination when:

  • You have submitted the final version of your thesis, whereby the supervisor indicates that it may be reasonably expected that the thesis will receive a sufficient grade,
  • and where the student has completed all but one of the courses of the master’s curriculum
  • and would need to wait at least four months for the next scheduled examination opportunity for the last component of the compulsory curriculum. For this provision the period between 1 July and the middle of August is not included in the calculation.
  • for which a score of at least ‘5’ was achieved on at least one prior occasion in the current academic year or last academic year.

This provision is not valid for course units entitled ‘Privatissimum’ and/or ‘Practicum’ as intended in art. 4.8.1 of the OER.

The extensive regulation can be found in the Examination Rules & Regulations on the website Faculty and study programme regulations under the tab of your study.

If you are eligible for an individual retake you can request that by sending an e-mail to OIC@law.leidenuniv.nl stating your name, studentnumber and the particular course.

If you do not meet all the requirements, the Education Information Centre can not give a permission for an individual retake. In case of special circumstances, please send a motivated request to the Board of Eximiners.

Exam registration via uSis opens 42 days before the exam. You can register for an exam via uSis until 10 days before the exam at the latest.

After this point you must visit the front desk of the Education Information Centre (OIC) as soon as possible during opening hours to register for the exam at the latest one day before the examination date. For example: the exam is on wednesday, you can enroll untill tuesday 12:30 hours.

Note: It is also possible that you send someone else to our desk, please include your student number and the name of the exam in question.

Note: This option is only available if the capacity of the location allows it.

If two (law) exams are scheduled on the same day and time, there is a possibility in special cases to take both examinations in 1 day (1 morning, 1 afternoon), provided that this can be realized.

What to do in such a case?

  • Register for both exams via uSis in accordance with the general regulations.
  • Send a uMail message with a request for participation in both examinations to the study advisor. Do this no later than 15 working days before the examination. If there is no permission, then de-register yourself for one of the two exams.

Approximately 4 to 7 days before the exam, you will receive a uMail message from the Education Information Center (OIC) regarding the time and location of the exams and the associated conditions.

If you have not received a uMail message, there is no permission to make both examinations on one day.

Under certain conditions, and at the student’s request, a regular student may retake one exam that had already been passed. You have to ask permission at the OIC for retaking a passsed exam

This arrangement does not apply to exchange students, guest students and Advanced Masters.

We would like to provide you with some more information about the conditions for retaking an exam that has already been passed.

On the grounds of article in the Course and Examination Regulations (OER in Dutch) of our Law Faculty, under certain conditions and at the student’s request, the student may retake one exam that has already been passed. A retake is possible for selected course components only (see the course description in the Prospectus), and:

  • if the student has passed the exam of a certain course component at the first attempt, and
  • this first attempt took place during the first examination period in the academic year.

The resit is done during the second examination period of the course component in question in the same academic year. (Cf. art. 4.1.1) It is not possible to make other arrangements with the lecturer.

Please be aware that after you have received the permission, your first grade will be removed from your records. Meaning that a second, lower grade, can cause you to fail this class.

Please note: if you don’t pass the resit of a passed exam, you aren’t entitled to an earlier individual retake examination for that course within the meaning of art. 4.8 of the Examination Rules and Regulations.

Do you meet the above criteria and do you want to retake a passed exam? You can apply at the latest on the 20th calendar day after the publication of the exam result in question.

Print out the request form, and send it back to OIC@law.leidenuniv.nl after filling it out completely and signing it underneath. Do not forget to include a scan of a valid ID. You can also hand in the form at the OIC desk.

After receiving your application we will check whether you meet all the requirements for retaking the already passed exam. You can expect a reply on your uMail.

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