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Faculty and study programme regulations

At faculty and study programme level there are various regulations in place to ensure that everything runs as it should. For example, there are thesis and faculty regulations, as well as rules and guidelines on assessments, exams, degree classifications and plagiarism.

As a student, the most important regulations you will come across in terms of your education are your study programme's ‘Course and Examination Regulations’ (known as OER in Dutch).  

Faculty regulation

Interested in knowing how the board and the organisation of the university programs  of the LUMC work? This information can be found in the Regulation of the Faculty of Medicine (available in Dutch only). 

Faculty complaints procedure

Do you have a suggestion, comment or a complaint? There are several points of contact for you. The complaint coordinator of the Faculty of Medicine/LUMC uses the faculty complaints procedure (available in Dutch only). Please send your comments, suggestions, problems or complaints by email to the LUMC Education Service Desk.

Confidentiality and protocols

As a student, you will use the facilities of the LUMC. Studying and working in an Academic Hospital requires that you conform to the in-house rules and regulations. 

Since you may see confidential information, it is required to sign a confidentiality agreement to respect the privacy of the patients and protect intellectual property as well as other matters. This agreement will be provided to you on the first day. 

Regulations master Biomedical Sciences

Course and Examination Regulations

The Course and Examination Regulations (OER) include an official description of the education system, the structure of the study programme, examinations and final examinations, admission requirements and study guidance. You can download the OER from the right-hand menu.

Procedures Training Periods/Research Projects Master’s programme

Which conditions have to be met before starting a research project? What requirements apply for a training period? And how about the assessment? These matters are written down in the Procedures Training Period & Research Projects Biomedical Sciences.

Rules and Directives

The Examining Board sets out Rules and Directives concerning the execution of their tasks and responsibilities and the measures they can take in that regard. These measures include for instance exemptions from the Course and Examination Regulations, registration for exams, conduct during examinations and academic fraud and plagiarism. The Rules and Directives of the MSc Examining Board are available to download.

Due to the measures in connection with COVID-19 an addendum on the Rules and Regulations is drawn up for the Faculty of Medicine (LUMC) of the Leiden University.

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