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Books and study materials

Look under your faculty or study programme tab for information on how to acquire study materials.

Study books via De Leidsche Flesch

Study association De Leidsche Flesch arranges the book sales for the Astronomy master's programme. The association collaborates with teachers to put together an up to date list of study books required for the programme. Twice a year, at the start of each semester, De Leidsche Flesch hosts a book sale, through which members can easily order their books online with a discount. 

To participate in the book sale, you have to be a member of De Leidsche Flesch. For this, students pay a one-time contribution of 35 euro, which is easily earned back during the first book sale. Members are notified by e-mail whenever the list of books has been published.

If you have any questions about the book sale, you may contact De Leidsche Flesch at boeken@deleidscheflesch.nl or ask your question in person in the Flesschekamer; room 301 in the Snellius building.

Other study materials

In addition to study books, some courses require the use of readers, handouts or other study materials, as indicated in the course descriptions in the e-Prospectus. Those materials are provided free of charge at the start of the course through the teacher's website or via Brightspace.

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