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Welcome to Leiden University

You’re about to start your studies in Leiden or The Hague. Make sure you are well prepared and get your studies off to a good start!

To arrange before your studies

An introduction week is the best way to get to know your new city, student life and your fellow students.

Read more about introduction weeks  

As a student of Leiden University you’ll receive a student account (ULCN account). This gives you access to the university’s systems and work stations. You'll first need to activate your ULCN account.

Read more about ULCN accounts

Your LU card is your university ID card. It gives you access to a range of facilities. Make sure to request your LU card before starting your studies.

Read more about the LU card

You can enrol for courses and exams via uSis or at your education administration office.

Read more about course and exam enrolment

Make sure you know where you have to be and when on your first day.

Read more about schedules and classrooms

Find out which study materials you will need and how to obtain them.

Read more about books and study materials 

Familiarise yourself with the study facilities

Your student card is your proof of registration as a student of Leiden University.

Find out how and when you will receive your student card

All the details of your studies are recorded in uSis. From your first registration as a student until your graduation.

Read more about uSis

Blackboard is Leiden University’s online learning environment.

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From the academic year 2020/2021 onwards, Blackboard will be replaced by Brightspace. A pilot project will take place in 2019/2020. If your course is part of the pilot project, you will receive instructions from your programme. Check the Brightspace FAQ to see which courses are part of the pilot project.

In the Prospectus you can find information about the courses within your study programme.

Take a look in the Prospectus

As a student of Leiden University you will be issued with a university email address: uMail. All correspondence from the university will be sent to this address. You can set up your uMail account so that all mails will be forwarded to your own email address.

Read more about uMail

The indispensable app for Leiden University students. Here you can find all your personal study information in one place. Log in once and access your schedule, results, available computers and university news anytime and anyplace.

Download the app

Here, on the student website, you can find a wide range of practical information about your studies. By selecting your programme when logging in, you can view information that is relevant to you. 

Find out how to get the most out of the student website

As a student, you can use Office 365 ProPlus and OneDrive cloud storage free of charge. These services allow you to work on multiple computers and mobile devices, using programmes such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel and OneNote, and to safely store and share up to 1024 GB of files in the cloud.

Read more and install Office 365 and OneDrive

Get more out of student life

By joining an association you'll meet lots of people and get more out of student life. As well as student and study associations, there are also a range of social associations in Leiden and The Hague, for example sports, religious or cultural associations.  

Read more about associations

As a student of Leiden University, you have access to a wide range of affordable sports via the University Sport Centre (USC) in Leiden and The Hague.

USC Leiden

USC The Hague

Welcome to Leiden

You will soon start your student life here in Leiden or The Hague. By taking time to prepare well you will get more from the start of your study!

An introduction meeting is held on Monday February 3d at 17:00 h for all new students starting their master's this February at the Faculty of Law. The meeting starts at 17:00 h with a word of welcome from Armin Cuyvers, director of the Master of Laws programme. Around 17:45 h there will be drinks available at the Global Lounge. You will then have the opportunity to get to know your fellow students and staff and ask practical questions in order to start your year off well.

Please register via this link if you plan on attending the meeting.

Information for new Bachelor, Exchange and Master students

Your ULCN account gives you access to a number of ICT Leiden University facilities, such as Blackboard, uSis and uMail. Read here about how you get your student account and study the instructions on how to start using Blackboard and uSis.

Once you have received and activated your ULCN account, you can apply directly for your LU card which serves as:

  • proof of identification from Leiden University
  • your Library card for the Leiden University Libraries
  • your print and copy card and provides access to
  • certain university buildings and areas
  • parking areas
  • Hortus Botanicus 

Each programme has its own specific curriculum. See the e-prospectus for information about your curriculum, course content and required study materials.

Once you know which courses you will be taking and which study materials you will need, see the page books and study materials on how you can acquire the study materials.

Part-time students, 2nd, 3rd- year and higher students and master’s  students use the e-prospectus and the seminar and lecture schedule to draw up their own schedule. See the schedules website. Full-time first-year students in a tutor group do not have to register for courses and exams. They can use the link to see the tutor group schedule.

Certain rules apply to registering for courses and exams. This is also the case for attending study programmes and exams. Besides this, apart from the regular exam periods there are possibilities you may be able to make use of provided you meet the required conditions. More information on this is available on the page registering for courses and exams.

Blackboard is the digital learning environment for students and is essential to start and follow your study programme correctly. Enrol for your separate courses so that you can submit assignments and receive important course notifications.  

The Faculty of Law makes use of the Brightspace digital learning environment.

All first-year courses are in Brightspace, and from the academic year 2020-2021 this applies to all courses. Each course is supported by Brightspace and therefore has its own site. Students can easily retrieve sheets and other relevant documents, ask questions, discuss, read news items and create and submit digital assignments. 

1. What does this mean for students?

It means that students must regularly check the Brightspace environment of their subject(s) if they want to be able to follow the course successfully. The instructors assume that the information placed on Brightspace will be read by the students.

Registering for a Brightspace environment (enrolling)

For the 2019-2020 academic year, first-year students (who are studying in a tutoring group) will automatically be added to the Brightspace environment of the course they are studying. After registration in uSis, the Brightspace environment will be available the next day at the latest.

Other students can get access to the Brightspace course offering by registering for the course in uSis. Visit this page for more information.

Questions about Brightspace? 

Manuals are available at: universiteitleiden.screenstepslive.com

In addition, each Brightspace environment includes a menu item 'Help', which automatically takes you to the relevant manuals page.

Most of your classes will take place in the KOG - the Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw; a map of the building can be found here.

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