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Other facilities

Other education and research facilities

Some faculties and study programmes offer special education and research spaces, as well as other additional study facilities. Take a look under your faculty or study programme tab for more information.

Other practical facilities

Lost property

Have you lost something in or around the university? Take a look on iLost. See your lost item? Click on ‘claim item’, answer the control questions and arrange to collect it in person or have it sent to you. Items will be kept for a maximum of three months, with the exception of valuable items (more than €450) which will be kept for one year.

Questions about lost property? Contact the Service Desk of the university building in question.  

Anatomical Museum

As of 2007, 800 anatomical preparations and models can be found in a museum in the education building of the LUMC. The Anatomical Museum supports medical and biomedical education in Leiden.

Work group and study rooms

The work group rooms are spread over three different buildings that are connected by walkways: the hospital at Albinusdreef (building 1), the research building at Einthovenweg (building 2) and the education building at Hippocratespad (building 3).

Study rooms

The LUMC has several study rooms, including the Walaeus library, study rooms J1.82-84, the K1-corridor, 'het Paleijhs' and the restaurants. These rooms are shown in the overview study rooms LUMC, including opening hours and facilities. If available, you can also use the workgroup rooms in building 3.

Workgroup rooms

About 30 work group rooms are used for small-scale education. They are located on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor of the education building (building 3). Every room is equipped for presentations with a PC and a screen.

Lecture halls

The LUMC has six lecture halls in which the lectures and patient demonstrations take place. Five halls are located in the hospital (building 1). The “Burumazaal”(Buruma Hall) is the only lecture hall in building 3. This is the largest lecture hall of the LUMC and can accommodate up to 400 people.

Skills rooms

On the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th floor of building 3 you can find special units for skills trainings.

Lab space

The LUMC has 5 lab spaces for students. They can be found in building 2.

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