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Finding and arranging

How can you find an internship or research project and what arrangements do you need to make?

Under the faculty or study programme tab you can read more about how to find and arrange an internship or research project. Information sessions take place on a regular basis. These can be found in the agenda.

If you have any questions please contact your internship and/or research coordinator.

A major part of the biology bachelor programme in Leiden is actively taking part in scientific research. In a 5-months research internship in their third year, students will work on a research project of their own choice. During the internship, students will learn how to design and implement their own research, how to analyse and interpret the results of their research and how to write a report in the form of a scientific publication.

In Leiden, research projects can be carried out at any of the research groups of the IBL, but also at NCB Naturalis, the Institute of Environmental Sciences or at Leiden University Medical Centre. The unique availability of these biological research institutes enables biology students in Leiden to choose from a very large variety of possible research topics.

For detailed information, regulations or forms of biology bachelor internships, see (students only): Blackboard → Opleiding Biologie → Bachelor yr 2 & 3

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