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Internship or research project

Many study programmes offer the opportunity to do an internship or research project, either as a compulsory part of the curriculum or to earn elective credits.

Check the prospectus

In the Prospectus you can find information about options for doing an internship or research project within your study programme

Finding and arranging an internship/research project in The Netherlands

Want to learn more about how to find and arrange an internship or research project in The Netherlands, for example administrative matters and procedures at your faculty?
Visit the finding and arranging page.

Internship vacancies

Looking for vacancies or other useful sources of information on this topic?
Visit the internship vacancies page.

Internship or research project abroad?

An internship or research project abroad can be a great source of international experience and an asset on your CV. But how you can you search for opportunities and make arrangements? And what should you take into consideration in terms of finances, health and safety?
Learn more about internships and research projects abroad.

Students with a residence permit

If you have a student residence permit and plan to do an internship, make sure to check out the regulations on working/internships.

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