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Residence Assistant

Are you an international student, living in DUWO student accommodation in Leiden or Oegstgeest? Leiden University's Residence Life Programme is there to help you feel happy and at home in Leiden!

We have ‘Residence Assistants’ in all DUWO international student accommodation complexes in Leiden and Oegstgeest. Residence Assistants organise activities to help you settle in, get to know each other and learn more about Leiden and Dutch life. They also offer support in practical and personal matters, and can refer you to  Leiden University’s wide range of professional support staff if required.

Visit the Residence Life website for more information.

Residential Life Programme

Resident Assistants (RAs) are the foundation of the Student Life Programme at LUC. The 17 RAs function as a team under the guidance and leadership of the Student Life Officer and in collaboration with the Student Life Counsellors. The RAs are exemplary students who are committed to ensuring the personal well-being of the resident-students at the Anna van Buerenplein and in helping to build a sense of community. The RAs are the first point of contact for personal concerns and issues related to residential life, in a confidential capacity.

The RAs also take the initiative in organizing floor events and activities outside of LUC (at times in coordination with Fortuna, LUC’s students’ association. To ensure the well-being of all the residents, and that everyone in a diverse community has a suitable place to live and study, the RAs also help to see that the rules of the College are observed. Twenty-four hour coverage of residents’needs is provided under the “on-call” system, whereby one RA can be contacted at any time of day or night during the weekends and from 19.00 to 08.00 during weekdays by calling +31(0)6- 28287992. The on-call list is posted on the doors of the rooms of the RA on each floor and by the lifts on floors 0 to 4. RA On-Call Coverage at Anna van Buerenplein:


You can find the contact information of our Resident Assistants here.

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